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For experienced oral surgery services located near Riverton, Utah, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery of Utah provides the friendly and convenient services you need.

Our board-certified oral surgeons, Dr. Maxfield, and Dr. Partridge are proud to serve patients in Riverton and throughout Northern Utah. We are committed to your safety and comfort, and to provide a full range of professional oral and facial surgery, dental implants and wisdom teeth removal services for the entire family.

Riverton Utah Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons

Riverton’s Dental Implant Experts

Dental implants can truly be transformative for many patients’ lives. As a way to replace a single, missing tooth or an entire arch, dental implants look, feel and function just like your natural teeth.

For those patients who wear dentures, pain from ill-fitting plates and bone loss can cause significant problems. You may struggle to chew or speak, and you may experience pain and discomfort when dentures no longer fit properly.

The reason for these problems relates primarily to bone loss in the jaw. When you lose your natural teeth, you lose the tooth roots as well. Tooth roots stimulate the bone below, preventing deterioration. Without those roots, your bone begins to deteriorate almost immediately, growing progressively worse over time.

Dental implants use a small, titanium post to replace the tooth root. Not only does this hold the implant securely in place but it also stimulates the bone and prevents bone loss.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

The wisdom teeth, or third molars, are a relic of the past, much like the tonsils or the appendix. We don’t need them today and, in fact, they cause many more problems than benefits.

Many patients have crooked or impacted wisdom teeth. Left alone, these problems can harm bone, gum tissue and your other, healthy teeth. The pressure they exert can crowd your mouth, causing unsightly misalignment, decay and gum disease. And, even if your third molars emerge normally, they are almost impossible to clean correctly.

Our oral surgeons recommend having your wisdom teeth removed before they have the opportunity to cause problems. If you have not yet had your wisdom teeth removed, contact us today to schedule an evaluation with one of our experienced oral surgeons.

Oral Surgeon Trusted for Pain-Free Oral Surgery

Our oral surgeons have extensive training and experience, ensuring your comfort and safety. From the most routine procedures to complex and emergency oral surgery, Dr. Partridge and Dr. Maxfield understand your fears and concerns.

Most of our procedures can be performed on an out-patient basis, right in our office. We are trained and certified to provide in-office IV sedation as well as other anesthesia options for your comfort.

We utilize cutting-edge imaging technology to construct 3D images of your oral cavity and facial structure. This allows us to demonstrate your procedure virtually and give you a sneak preview of the outcome. But, more importantly, this technology allows us to plan your procedure well in advance and to collaborate easily with your dentist, orthodontist or physician.

Trust the professional team at Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery of Utah for all of your family’s oral surgery needs. Contact us today to schedule your consultation for dental implants, wisdom teeth removal or oral surgery services near Riverton, Utah.