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Tips for Relieving Oral Surgery Discomfort

Any oral surgery procedure — from a routine wisdom tooth extraction to a complex jaw reconstruction — is likely to result in some level discomfort during recovery. You can minimize this and speed up your recovery if you follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully. But you can also take a proactive role in improving the healing […]

What to Eat After Oral or Maxillofacial Surgery

After oral or maxillofacial surgery, you won’t be able to eat certain foods for at least a few days. You can’t eat anything crunchy, hard or chewy, and you must generally avoid or spicy foods too. In many cases, we will advise you to stick to a liquid or soft food diet. So you know […]

Dental Implant Infection Signs and Symptoms

Getting dental implants, much like any other oral surgery procedure, carries a slight risk of complications, and infection is one of the most common. In most cases, the condition is minor and easily handled with a round of antibiotics. If it is left untreated, however, the implant’s long-term viability can be threatened. Understand your infection […]

Ask Your TMJ Surgeon These Important Questions

A qualified TMJ surgeon can restore your jaw function and mobility, and dispatch the pain that this condition often causes. The term TMJ refers to the temporomandibular joint, the hinge that connects your jaw to the skull. Problems in this joint located just in front of your ears are often referred to collectively as TMD, […]

How to Avoid Tooth Extraction Complications

Tooth extraction is an easy, routine procedure, especially when performed by an experienced oral surgeon. Most tooth extractions go smoothly, with no complications during or after surgery. However, a small percentage of patients may encounter problems during the healing process. Fortunately, you can help avoid these complications with a few simple steps. Potential Complications of […]

Nervous about Oral Surgery? Stay Calm with These Easy Tips!

Does your upcoming oral surgery have you feeling a little nervous? If so, you’re not alone. Almost everyone has some level of nervousness or fear when it comes to surgical procedures. And, in fact, many people come down with a case of nerves at the very prospect of visiting a dentist or oral surgeon. You […]

Repairing Your Broken Tooth with a Dental Implant

A broken tooth doesn’t have to stop you from smiling! A dental implant can give you a strong, stable — and permanent — replacement tooth that is virtually identical to your natural teeth. An implant looks, feels, fits and functions just a like real tooth. And it can restore your healthy, beautiful smile in no […]

Does Your Oral Surgeon Need to Know Your HIV Status?

If you are HIV-positive, you should tell your oral surgeon and other dental professionals in order to receive the best care. While you do not have to reveal your health status, putting the dentist on notice can make him more aware of conditions to look for in your mouth that could impact your overall health. […]

Reduce Facial Surgery Scarring with These Helpful Tips

For those who need facial surgery, scarring is one of the biggest concerns. Scars cannot be completely prevented in many cases, but with proper care, they can be minimized. Over time, many incisions fade to the point of being nearly invisible. By taking an active role during the healing process, you can help reduce your […]