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For Tooth Extractions, Let Oral Sedation Calm Your Anxiety

Does the idea of tooth extraction turn you into a bundle of nerves? Are you tempted to cancel procedures because they stress you out? If so, you’re not alone. Many patients are anxious and fearful of dental procedures, sometimes to the point of avoiding treatment. Oral sedation is a safe and effective solution for this […]

Could Better Oral Health Be as Easy as Popping a Pill?

To improve your oral health and prevent cavities, would you consider taking a pill? You may already take medications to manage or prevent certain health conditions, such as high blood pressure, asthma or osteoporosis. And thanks to recent research, you may one day be able to keep cavity-causing bacteria at bay with a simple pill […]

Can Wisdom Teeth Erupt and Then Sink Back into Your Gums?

Can wisdom teeth come and go? As strange as this question may sound, patients sometimes complain that it feels as if their wisdom teeth begin coming in, but then the molars sink back into the gums after a few days or weeks. Is that even possible? In most cases, the answer can be found in […]

Dental Implants: Debunking 3 Common Myths

Dental implants are usually the best option for patients with missing teeth. Yet many patients who might benefit from implant surgery are hesitant, as the result of incorrect information they heard or read online. You can find a vast amount of misconceptions about implants online. We are often surprised by how quickly these can spread […]

Corrective Jaw Surgery — What Can You Eat Afterward?

For the first several weeks following corrective jaw surgery, you’ll likely be restricted to a liquid diet. After that, you’ll still have to stick to a soft food diet for several more weeks. To most patients, this sounds pretty bland and boring. You won’t be able to chew much, but that doesn’t mean you can’t […]

Can Drinking Green Tea Help Prevent Oral Cancer?

Does green tea hold the power to ward off oral cancer? This popular beverage has been associated with a number of health benefits, including the prevention of heart disease and high cholesterol. Studies have also shown that regular green tea consumption may help protect against breast, colon, lung, ovary and prostate cancer. Now, oral cancer […]

Are Antibiotics Necessary before Oral Surgery?

Is oral surgery in your future? You may have heard that some patients require a course of antibiotics prior to their surgery to help prevent infection. Will you be required to do this as well? The chances are good that you won’t have to undergo antibiotic treatment before your procedure. A recent National Institutes of […]

The Facts About Wisdom Tooth Extraction & Pregnancy

Questions regarding wisdom tooth extraction are quite common for expecting moms. The hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy can make gums extra sensitive, causing swelling and bleeding. In many cases, these issues affect the wisdom teeth and result in pain. If you’re having this problem, you may want to have your wisdom teeth removed. But […]