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Two Major “Don’ts” of Oral Surgery Recovery

To ensure that your oral surgery recovery is smooth and complication-free, following your aftercare instructions is essential. Patients usually don’t question the need for proper oral hygiene after their procedure. Likewise, they don’t typically balk at eating a soft-food diet or avoiding strenuous exercise for a short time. Smoking and drinking alcohol, however, can be […]

How Strong Are Dental Implants Compared to Real Teeth?​

Dental implants are valued for how closely they mimic the look, fit and feel of natural teeth. And this realism extends to their functionality, as they restore the ability to speak, bite and chew. But what about strength? Implant surgery is a safe and effective way to fill the gaps in your smile — but […]

Is Jaw Surgery the Only Way to Correct an Overbite?

Do you need jaw surgery to correct an overbite, or is there another way to move your lower jaw forward? The answer to those questions depends on the severity of your overbite. Only an experienced oral surgeon can determine whether your situation requires surgery. Meanwhile, it may help to understand the various treatment approaches used […]

Does Tooth Extraction Cause Changes in Alignment?​

After a tooth extraction, some patients report feeling as if their alignment has changed. The most common complaints are that their teeth don’t seem to meet as they used to, or that their bite feels slightly different. Can a tooth extraction affect your bite, the alignment of your teeth or how they fit in the […]

Is Oral Cancer Curable?

A diagnosis of oral cancer strikes fear in the hearts of patients and their families. Unfortunately, this disease remains all too common. The Oral Cancer Foundation estimates that about 49,750 people in the United States will be stricken with oral or oropharyngeal cancer in 2017. Patients diagnosed with oral carcinoma often have many questions regarding […]

Dental Implant Surgery Pros & Cons

Are you considering dental implants? Thanks to advances in the techniques and materials used today, this surgery is a safe and effective method of restoring missing teeth. And for most patients, the benefits of implants clearly outweigh any potential drawbacks. To help you decide if dental implants are for you, let’s take a look at […]

Do I Have to Get All 4 Wisdom Teeth Out at Once?

Even if only one or two of your wisdom teeth are causing you pain, your oral surgeon is likely to recommend that you get all four of them removed. Is this really necessary? Wouldn’t it be better to space out the tooth extractions, or simply keep the teeth that aren’t causing any problem? The truth […]

Does Sleep Apnea Always Cause Snoring?

Both obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and snoring can disrupt your sleep. And although the two conditions frequently go hand in hand, they don’t always. Consequently, sleep disorders like OSA often go undiagnosed, as not every patient shares the same symptoms. Left untreated, OSA can have serious health consequences, including an increased risk of heart attack, […]