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Why Do Wisdom Teeth Cause So Much Pain?

Wisdom teeth — the third molars — are notorious for triggering toothaches, sore gums and jaw pain. In some patients, these problematic teeth bring about headaches, earaches and sore throats. Pain from a wisdom tooth can be debilitating — enough to send most people running to their oral surgeon. Treatment can relieve the misery, but […]

Do Tooth Extractions Cause Swelling?

If you have a tooth extraction scheduled, you may be wondering how you’ll heal after the procedure. Patients often ask us if they will have “chipmunk cheeks” after a tooth extraction. The truth is, any oral surgery has the potential to trigger swelling. The amount varies from person to person, but your face may swell […]

What to Expect During an Oral Surgery Consultation

Has your dentist recommended oral surgery? Whether you need wisdom tooth extraction, reconstructive jaw surgery, dental implants or another type of oral and maxillofacial surgery, your first consultation sets you on the path toward restoring your smile. If you’ve never seen an oral surgeon before, you might appreciate knowing what to expect when you come […]

Pros and Cons of Laughing Gas for Oral Surgery

For oral surgery procedures, a wide range of anesthesia options is available. In many cases, patients can choose their preferred method of sedation. Many oral surgery patients prefer laughing gas, or nitrous oxide. Is it right for your procedure? Understanding the pros and cons of nitrous oxide may help you decide. Benefits of Laughing Gas […]

Got Dry Mouth? Try This Oral Surgeon’s 7 Tips for Relief.

If you suffer from dry mouth (xerostomia), your oral surgeon needs to know. Aside from causing difficulties with tasting, chewing and swallowing, this condition can also increase your risk of tooth decay, infection and other oral health care problems. Medications are to blame for most cases of dry mouth, but dosage or prescription changes aren’t […]

Is Oral Surgery Required for Gingival Enlargement?

Oral surgery is the solution for many dental woes, but it is necessary if you suffer from gingival enlargement? Gingival enlargement (GE), or excessive growth of the gums, can cause difficulties when eating and speaking. In severe cases, the overgrowth covers the crowns of the teeth and leads to periodontal disease. For some patients, the […]

Can You Have Dental Implants if You Have Bruxism?

Most patients are good candidates for dental implants. Generally speaking, if you’re healthy enough for a tooth extraction, filling or other routine dental procedure, you are healthy enough for implant surgery. But what if you have bruxism? If you grind or clench your teeth when you sleep, will you have to choose an alternate method […]

How To Prevent Dry Socket After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Most patients heal quickly after wisdom tooth extraction. But not everyone has an easy time after their oral surgery. A small percentage of patients suffer a complication called dry socket, or alveolar osteitis. Dry socket causes mild to severe pain around the extraction site and throughout the head and neck. Fortunately, you may be able […]

What Are All-on-Four Dental Implants?

All-on-four dental implants, sometimes called “teeth in a day,” are an alternative to the traditional implant surgery technique. Conventional implants require a multistage process to replace each missing tooth. Altogether, the procedures can take six to 12 months to complete. With the all-on-four method, however, patients can have a full set of replacement teeth in […]

TMJ Disorders and Referred Pain — What You Need to Know

Temporomandibular joint and muscle, or TMJ disorders, can cause soreness in the jaw joint and chewing muscles, as well as discomfort and difficulty opening and closing the mouth. Some patients also experience painful grating or clicking in the joint. But what many people don’t know is that TMJ can also cause referred pain. And because […]