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Are You a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

Dental implants are widely considered to be the most effective option for replacing missing teeth, as they look, feel and function just like natural teeth. Can implant surgery work to fix the gaps in your smile? You’ll need to consult with one of our experienced oral surgeons to know for sure. But generally speaking, just about anyone can […]

5 Reasons You May Need Tooth Extraction

Oral surgeons generally try to avoid tooth extraction whenever possible — we’d prefer that every patient keep all their natural teeth. And thanks to modern dentistry techniques, we can save most problem teeth. But unfortunately, we can’t save every tooth. Below are five of the top indicators you may need an extraction. No. 1: Your Tooth Is Decayed When we catch it early, we can often repair the damage tooth […]

After Dental Implant Surgery, How Long Before You Can Work?

Dental implant surgery is a great way to restore your smile, and the procedure can often be completed in a single day. As a practical matter, though, you need to know how long recovery will take. When will you be able to go back to work (or school)? As long as you follow our oral surgery team’s post-operative […]

Prepare for Wisdom Tooth Extraction in 5 Easy Steps

During your consultation for wisdom tooth extraction, our oral surgery team will provide you with specific pre-operative instructions based on your chosen method of anesthesia. Following these instructions will help make the process much easier for you. What should you do? No. 1: Don’t Eat or Drink Anything after Midnight Whenever you have anesthesia, your stomach needs to be empty. So […]

Impacted Teeth: Our Oral Surgeons Answer Your Top Questions

Do you have impacted teeth? When a tooth is trapped in the jawbone or gum tissue and fails to erupt, it is said to be impacted. Dental impaction can lead to a range of complications, including issues with tooth alignment, damage to adjacent teeth, gum disease and infection. Here, Dr. Maxfield and Dr. Partridge answer […]

Oral Surgery Recovery: 5 Tips to Reduce Facial Swelling

After having oral surgery, some facial swelling is common. In fact, it’s a natural part of the healing process. Fortunately, if you follow your aftercare instructions, you shouldn’t have to endure chipmunk cheeks or swollen gums for long. For the best chance at a quick recovery, try these tips to reduce facial swelling after oral surgery. No. 1: Apply Ice and […]

What Is an Abscessed Wisdom Tooth?

An abscessed wisdom tooth is a third molar with an infection at the root, or within the gums or bone that hold the molar in place. Any tooth can develop an abscess, but wisdom teeth are particularly susceptible. Taking preemptive action can help prevent this painful condition, but if it happens to you, it’s critical to see […]

7 Habits that Can Make TMJ Symptoms Worse

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) can make life miserable. Symptoms like pain, stiffness and difficulty moving the jaw can make talking and eating painful. If you have TMJ disorder, the last thing you want is to make the problem worse. Start by ridding yourself of the seven habits that are not only harmful to your oral health, but also have the […]