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Dental Implant Surgery — Understanding the Lingo

Dental implant surgery isn’t confusing — to an oral surgeon, that is. To patients, however, some of the terminology may be unfamiliar. To make learning about tooth replacement easier, the professional team at Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery of Utah put together the following guide to dental implant surgery lingo. Of course, if you have questions or need further explanation, […]

Why Your Oral Surgeon Cares About Your Medical History

During your first oral surgeon consultation, we will ask you to provide a comprehensive medical history. Your patient registration forms may include questions about your lifestyle, health history and specific health problems in your family. The surgical staff and nursing personnel may ask for additional information. Why is all this necessary? It’s so we can use your medical history, […]

TMJ Headaches vs. Migraines

Did you know that TMJ headaches are often mistaken for migraines? Headaches associated with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder can be just as persistent and severe as migraines, but they have different solutions. That’s why proper diagnosis is essential for effective treatment and pain relief. To determine the source of your headaches, you’ll need to schedule a professional evaluation with […]

Do Dental Implants Get Cavities?

Dental implants look, fit, feel and function just like natural teeth. So does that mean implants are also vulnerable to decay and cavities? In short, no — implants can’t develop cavities. However, that doesn’t mean dental implant patients have a free pass when it comes to caring for their restorations. Why Don’t Dental Implants Get Cavities? Dental implants are similar to healthy, […]

How to Stop Grinding Your Teeth

Grinding your teeth can lead to headaches and sore jaw muscles. Left untreated, the problem can wear down, fracture or loosen teeth, causing permanent damage. Studies show that up to 31 percent of people are tooth-grinders. Many may not even know they have bruxism, as they only grind their teeth when they’re asleep. So how can […]

After Wisdom Tooth Removal, Eat with Care

After wisdom tooth removal, you’ll need to change your eating habits for a few days to avoid aggravating the extraction site. You’ll still have plenty of options to keep you full and satisfied, but you’ll need to be careful about what and how you eat. For a recovery that’s as quick and painless as possible, […]

Bone Grafts for Dental Implant Procedures

Bone grafts are often necessary for dental implant patients before they can get their replacement teeth. Implants need a solid foundation of tissue in the jawbone for support, but missing teeth can lead to significant bone loss. Transplanting or grafting new bone material solves this problem and this simple, minimally invasive procedure can be done right here in our office. […]

Don’t Let Oral Surgery Costs Deter You from a Needed Procedure

If the funds for your oral surgery have to come out of your own pocket, you might be tempted to delay the procedure — but this is not a wise move. Cost is one of the leading reasons patients put off oral and maxillofacial surgery. Some people think treatment isn’t urgent if they aren’t bothered by pain or functional problems. Others […]