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Before Corrective Jaw Surgery, Should You Get a Second Opinion?

Has your oral surgeon recommended corrective jaw surgery? If so, don’t be afraid to seek out a second opinion. Here at Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery of Utah, our professional team understands when our patients want second opinions. In fact, we often suggest it ourselves. As much as we’re confident in our treatment advice, we also want our patients to […]

Tooth Extractions & Replacement Teeth: Answers to Your Questions 

For an experienced oral surgeon, tooth extractions are routine. And following the procedure with replacement teeth is equally straightforward. But for patients, that’s not always the case. When you visit Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery of Utah for a consultation, our professional team will take the time to address all your concerns. We want you to have a positive, comfortable experience, so we provide […]

Oral Cancer or Canker Sore: How to Tell the Difference

Oral cancer can pose a serious health risk. Consequently, many patients become concerned when they develop unusual spots or sores in the mouth. Although ulcers and lesions in the mouth are often canker sores — which are relatively harmless — some can be oral cancer. Finding a sore in your mouth can be scary, and you may not know whether to […]

Impacted Wisdom Teeth: Symptoms and Treatment

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause a host of problems, ranging from minor annoyances to serious threats to your oral health. If you’re visiting the dentist or oral surgeon regularly, you’ll know from your dental X-rays if you have impacted wisdom teeth. However, if you haven’t had an oral health examination for some time, you might not be aware of what’s going on […]

Sinus Lift Surgery: Frequently Asked Questions

Sinus lift surgery, also called sinus augmentation or subantral grafting, adds bone tissue to the upper jaw in the region of the molars and premolars. Because the upper jawbone is close to the maxillary sinuses, subantral graft surgery requires the expertise of a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon. When Is Sinus Lift Surgery Necessary? Sinus augmentation is usually […]

Oral Surgery & Pregnancy: What to Know 

Do you need oral surgery? If you’re pregnant, caring for your smile isn’t as simple as picking up the phone to schedule an appointment with your oral surgeon. Protecting the health of your unborn baby takes priority, and that means planning a surgical procedure requires careful thought. Elective procedures can wait until after the baby comes. But what about more […]

With Dental Implants, Is Tooth Sensitivity a Cause for Concern?

Patients with dental implants occasionally develop sensitivity in the replacement tooth, which can be cause for confusion as well as concern. In most cases, tooth sensitivity develops when tooth enamel wears down to the point that nerve endings are exposed. But a dental implant has no nerves, so how is it possible for an implanted tooth to feel sensitive? […]

Avoid Dental Implant Damage by Banishing These Nighttime Habits

Dental implants are the ideal solution if you have missing or badly damaged teeth. Having dental implant surgery restores your healthy, beautiful smile. And with proper care, your new replacement teeth can last a lifetime. That said, dental implants are not indestructible, and certain habits can threaten their integrity. To make the most of your fresh start, […]