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Is Oral Surgery Sedation Safe?

Oral surgery sedation can relieve your anxieties and help you have an easy, pain-free experience. But if you’re like many patients, you may be wondering if anesthesia is safe. The good news that that, when administered by a board-certified oral surgeon with dedicated anesthesia training, sedation carries very little chance of complications. However, to minimize any risks, […]

What Happens if You Don’t Replace Missing Teeth?

Oral surgeons recommend that patients replace missing teeth as soon as possible after losing them. But if you’re not bothered by the gaps in your teeth, you may wonder whether this is truly necessary. Contrary to what you may believe, tooth replacement isn’t all about aesthetics or convincing patients to spend more money. The reality is, if you don’t replace your missing teeth, […]

How to Prepare for Wisdom Tooth Extraction

If you have an upcoming wisdom tooth extraction, you might be feeling a bit nervous or unsure of what to expect. If your procedure is scheduled here at Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery of Utah, you can rest easy in knowing that our staff will do everything we can to ensure your comfort and provide a smooth, […]

Can Dental Implants Set Off Airport Metal Detectors?

If you have dental implants, are you doomed to a lifetime of airport security delays? Most artificial joints — more than 90 percent, in fact — do set off metal detectors. Fortunately, tooth replacements aren’t like knee and hip replacements, and the chances are good that you won’t have to worry about triggering an alarm in most cases. However, because security technology has […]

4 Types of Oral Cancer Surgery

In the treatment of oral cancer, surgery has long played a crucial role. For many patients, surgical procedures offer the best treatment for many types of cancer, including oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancer — particularly when the disease is caught early on. Advances in surgical techniques have enabled oral and maxillofacial surgeons to successfully employ procedures to help in the […]

Are Antibiotics Necessary Before Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery? 

Some oral and maxillofacial surgery patients are required to take antibiotics before their procedure to help ward off infection. For other patients, however, antibiotics aren’t recommended. Most patients won’t need to take a course of antibiotics before their procedure. Research shows that if you’re relatively healthy, preventive antibiotics may do more harm than good. However, the American Dental Association (ADA) […]

Tooth Extraction Aftercare — Why Use a Saltwater Rinse?

When you visit an oral surgeon for a tooth extraction, you’ll get aftercare instructions. The surgical team will brief you on exactly what to do — and what not to do — for a smooth recovery. One of the directions you may be given is to start using a saltwater rinse the day after your procedure. Oral surgeons frequently recommended this step, as it expedites […]

How Oral Surgeons Correct Common Bite Problems

Did you know your oral surgeon can give you a beautiful, even smile, even if you have a bite problem? A mild underbite, overbite or open bite may not seem so bad, but dental and skeletal irregularities can lead to a host of long-term dental issues. If your jaws aren’t properly aligned and your teeth don’t line […]