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When to Schedule Your Teen’s Wisdom Tooth Extraction

When is the best time to schedule wisdom tooth extraction? If your teen is in pain or has swelling in the third molar area, make an appointment as soon as possible. However, if you’re considering proactive wisdom teeth removal to prevent future tooth and gum problems, you have a little more leeway. Rely on the […]

Understanding Wisdom Tooth Pain & How to Find Relief

Are you suffering from wisdom tooth pain? You’re not alone — the third molars frequently cause toothaches, gum soreness and jaw pain. Headaches, earaches and sore throats are also not uncommon If your wisdom teeth hurt, it’s time to have an oral surgeon take a look. Pain in the third molars usually indicates a problem […]

Oral Cancer Statistics & Facts

Oral cancer starts inside the mouth, or the oral cavity, while oropharyngeal cancer originates in the throat. Both can compromise your ability to breathe, eat and talk. But when caught in the early stages, both can be successfully treated. Are you at risk for developing oral cavity or oropharyngeal cancer? The following statistics and facts […]

Lost a Tooth? See an Oral Surgeon as Soon as Possible.

If you just lost a tooth, contact an oral surgeon right away for an emergency appointment. Time is of the essence when it comes to knocked-out or avulsed teeth, so if the office isn’t open, head to an after-hours dentist or the hospital. Why Acting Quickly Is Essential The moment a tooth is lost, the […]

Before Oral Surgery Anesthesia, Play it Safe & Ask These Questions

When administered by an experienced and qualified professional, oral surgery anesthesia is both safe and effective. Thanks to advances in medicine and technology, using anesthesia for a comfortable, pain-free experience is safer today than ever before. If you still have concerns — and many patients do — talk to your oral surgeon. Research has proven […]

Does Your Child Have Congenitally Missing Teeth?

Congenitally missing teeth, or permanent teeth that never develop, are not uncommon. The condition, also known as hypodontia, affects up to 7.8 percent of the North American population. If your child has this dental irregularity, what should you do? If it’s the wisdom teeth that are missing, you have no cause for concern. If, on […]

Do You Need a Referral for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery?

If you need oral and maxillofacial surgery, you might need a referral. But should you get it from your dentist or primary care doctor? Or can you just skip the referral and contact the office of a reputable local oral surgeon and make an appointment? Does Your Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon Require a Referral? First, […]

Can Anyone Have Dental Implant Surgery?

Most patients are good candidates for dental implant surgery. And for the majority of patients with missing teeth, implants are the ideal tooth replacement option. But in rare cases, the procedure is not possible. If you’re questioning whether you can successfully replace the gaps in your smile with dental implants, a qualified oral and maxillofacial […]