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Why Do Dentists Use Laughing Gas?

Dentists use laughing gas for a variety of oral surgeries. If you need it for your procedure, it doesn’t mean something is wrong with your teeth. Are you scared of anesthesia? Let us reassure you that it’s a safe option for most people in today’s blog. What is Laughing Gas? You may have seen movies […]

How Can I Prevent a Dry Socket After Oral Surgery?

After tooth extraction, a protective blood clot forms over the tooth’s socket. You must prevent dry socket so that your healing isn’t prolonged. Continue reading to learn about this condition. Information on Dry Socket A blood clot protects your bone’s nerve endings after oral surgery. Unfortunately, sometimes the blood clot doesn’t form or becomes dislodged, […]

Do All Wisdom Teeth Need Removing?

Patients often ask their dentist or oral surgeon if all four of their wisdom teeth need removing, even if they aren’t causing problems.  Even if all four of them are free of infection, or if only one of them is causing trouble, an oral surgeon may recommend removing all of them at once. Continue reading […]

Does Laughing Gas Make You Laugh?

Laughing gas is the most popular sedative that dentists and oral surgeons use to help their patients relax during oral procedures, such as wisdom teeth extractions and root canals. Most people experience anxiety before surgery, which is why most professionals administer laughing gas to help them experience a comfortable and pain-free dentist visit. Stay tuned […]

Is There a Surgery for Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a disruption that can have adverse consequences on your health. Generally, this condition causes a person’s breathing to stop while they sleep periodically. When you’re unable to breathe, your body will wake up mid-sleep, causing you to have poor sleep.  If you suspect you have this condition, you should treat it before […]