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Can I Drive After a Tooth Extraction Without Sedation?

Medical procedures come with their share of questions in order to plan ahead, and the same is true for getting a tooth extraction without sedation. Do I need to take time off of work or school? How long will the procedure take? Can I drive myself to and from the appointment? The answer to whether […]

What Are Abscessed Teeth?

If you’ve ever woken up to a swollen jaw and persistent pain, you know the calamity that is abscessed teeth. Characterized by severe achiness, sensitivity, and swelling, an abscessed tooth is not something to be taken lightly. What Are Abscessed Teeth – The Two Types A tooth abscess is a pocket of pus around the […]

Are You Sedated When Putting in Dental Implants?

Whether you’ve lost a tooth from an accident, tooth decay or just time, putting in dental implants can help restore your smile. Dental implants aren’t only good for appearances, though. They also help maintain healthy gums and teeth, and help prevent problems that can arise from having missing teeth over time. Sedation and Dental Implants […]

Can Wisdom Teeth Cause Ear Pain?

Wisdom teeth removal can be spurred by a number of situations, including discomfort and crowding—but can wisdom teeth cause ear pain? Problems with Wisdom Teeth Although some people may go their entire life without any pain related to their wisdom teeth, this is not typical. Wisdom teeth become problematic when there isn’t enough room in […]

How Does Bad Oral Hygiene Affect Expectant Mothers?

There are many links between bad oral hygiene and pregnancy, but sadly, many mothers-to-be remain unaware. Many people believe the myth that dental work during pregnancy is unsafe for the baby. Additionally, gag reflexes in expectant mothers can be increased, leading many women to avoid dental care throughout their child-birthing years. Poor oral hygiene during […]

Expert Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy This Thanksgiving

Although Thanksgiving is notorious for its sugar and starch-filled foods, it’s possible to enjoy your favorite dishes while not sacrificing your oral health. Follow our expert tips for keeping your teeth healthy this Thanksgiving, and you can add us to your list of things to be grateful for.

Thanksgiving Dinner: The Best and Worst Thanksgiving Dishes for Your Oral Health

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, bringing with it the dishes you’ve dreamed about eating all year long. Here’s our guide to navigate the best and worst Thanksgiving dishes for your dental health.

How Does Sucking Thumbs Damage Kid’s Oral Health

Thumbsucking is a natural reflex for infants. Sucking thumbs, pacifiers and other toys brings comfort to young ones and helps calm and soothe them. For most kids, thumbsucking is occasional and not concerning. There are cases when the habit is prolonged and presents serious oral health problems. When Should Kids Stop Sucking Thumbs? For infants, […]