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Treating Facial Injuries in Kids

Children suffer facial injuries most commonly today as the result of car accidents. But younger children — those under the age of 3 — most often suffer facial injuries due to falls. The damage can range from mild to severe, but in many cases, oral surgery is necessary to repair it. It’s helpful to know […]

Sinusitis and Tooth Pain: What’s the Connection?

Is there a connection between sinusitis and tooth pain? Many people are surprised to learn that the answer can be, yes! If you have tooth pain, you may automatically assume that it’s some fault of yours: too much sugar, or you’re not brushing and/or flossing enough. However, this isn’t always the case; sometimes tooth pain […]

Oral Surgery for Facial Injuries

Oral surgery for facial injuries should be a consideration if you have been injured in an accident. Why? Oral and maxillofacial surgeons have received extensive training to ensure that they are qualified to deliver surgical procedures that repair damage and disfigurement stemming from facial injuries. A skilled oral surgeon can help manage a wide range […]

Top Three Sleep Apnea Signs

Sleep apnea is a fairly common problem in both men and women. It more often affects smokers, drinkers and allergy sufferers and people who are older or overweight, but anyone can fall victim to it. Some evidence today even supports a genetic connection. Like many other disorders, it exists on a spectrum from mild to […]

Wisdom Tooth Removal without Insurance

Wisdom tooth removal can be a costly procedure, especially without insurance. Insurance can cover up to 50 percent of the out-of-pocket costs in most cases, but those without insurance can pay $3,000 or more, depending on how many wisdom teeth need to be removed and the extent of the surgery that is required. Fortunately, several […]

Anesthesia for Oral Surgery: Exploring the Options

Will you need anesthesia for oral surgery? This is a logical thought that occurs to most patients after they are advised that surgery is necessary to remedy their maxillofacial or oral condition. There are several options of anesthesia available to the patient who requires surgery. By discussing the patient’s level of anxiety related to the […]

The Best Reasons to Choose Dental Implants

Dental implants are a tried-and-true option for oral care, and the preferred way to handle tooth replacement today. Implants have been done for more than 50 years, but today’s technology is highly superior to previous methods. The benefits are numerous, including the price, compared to common alternatives such as bridges. Some of the best reasons […]

What to Expect from Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

If your oral surgeon mentions pre-prosthetic surgery as part of your discussion about partial or full dentures, you may be wondering what exactly that is. By definition, pre-prosthetic surgery is the process of getting a patient’s mouth ready for prosthesis. Pre-prosthetic surgery may require several steps based on the individual patient’s specific needs, but the […]

Are Sonic Toothbrushes Better for Oral Health?

Sonic toothbrushes have become an extremely popular alternative to the standard electric version, as well as the manual variety. Ample research supports the assertion that the sonic toothbrush may indeed be worth its increased cost, based on the extended and improved health benefits it provides. Read on for more facts about the newest trend in oral health and dental hygiene. History of the Sonic Toothbrush Conceptual design for the […]