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Jawbone Grafting: Minor vs. Major Oral Surgery Procedures

Jawbone grafting is commonly required for dental implant patients, but it’s certainly nothing to fear! Many dental restorations, especially permanent implants, require an adequate volume of bone tissue in the jaw to provide the necessary support. Unfortunately, aging, tooth loss and gum disease are just some of the factors that can contribute to bone loss. […]

Oral Surgery for Prosthesis Preparation

In many cases, oral surgery may be required to prepare your mouth for dental implants, dentures or another type of prosthetic device. Some patients require minor procedures to ensure the stability and comfort of a dental prosthesis, as well as a pleasing visual outcome. Pre-prosthetic surgery takes care of any problems in your mouth and […]

Oral Cancer Facts

Oral and oropharyngeal cancer strike 45,000 people annually in the United States, according to the National Cancer Institute (NCI). That figure jumps to more than 450,000 when you consider new diagnoses worldwide. Also called oral cavity cancer, oral cancer starts in the mouth; if the disease starts in the throat instead, it is referred to […]

Do Children’s Eye Teeth Fall Out?

Children’s eye teeth, sometimes called canines, are so-named due to their direct positioning beneath the eyes. Dental professionals refer to these teeth, easily recognizable by their pointed shape and length, as the cuspids. The upper and lower canines typically erupt in children between ages of 16 and 23 months. More than any others, these teeth […]

HPV and Oral Cancer: What You Need to Know

For millions of Americans, HPV and oral cancer are a life-threatening combination. With almost 200 different strains of HPV (most of which will not harm your body), 9 are known to cause cancer. One strain, known as HPV 16, is associated with oral cancer. You may not ever know you have the virus, as it […]

Should I Use the Oral Surgeon Recommended by My Dentist?

If your dentist has recommended an oral surgeon for a procedure you need, do you have to use that surgeon? The obvious upside to using the recommended oral surgeon is that your dentist knows him or her and is confident in the surgeon’s capabilities and expertise. But what if the oral surgeon is out of […]

Does Insurance Cover Oral Surgery?

For an insurance to cover oral surgery, there are several factors involved. Like other types of surgical procedures, the surgeon, location, type of procedure, and how much is involved in the procedure will influence how much it costs. Here are a few tips for determining if your insurance covers oral surgery Which Plan Covers Oral […]

How Long is Recovery for Oral Surgery?

Like any surgery, recovery from oral surgery depends on the procedure and the person. Oral surgery procedures can be anything from a dental implant, to jaw surgery, to fixing a birth defect like cleft lip. However, there are some general guidelines for recovery for oral surgery tested time and again on millions of patients worldwide. […]