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Should I Use the Oral Surgeon Recommended by My Dentist?

If your dentist has recommended an oral surgeon for a procedure you need, do you have to use that surgeon? The obvious upside to using the recommended oral surgeon is that your dentistOral Surgeon Recommendation knows him or her and is confident in the surgeon’s capabilities and expertise. But what if the oral surgeon is out of network, is far away, or isn’t accepting new patients?

Just because you receive a referral for a specific oral surgeon, you don’t have to accept the first suggestion. Like shopping around for a dental office that fits your lifestyle, you have the ability to shop around for the right oral surgeon for you. Here are a few factors to help you determine if you should visit the recommended oral surgeon or find someone on your own.

Cost and Insurance

Oral surgery can sometimes fall in the gray area between medical and dental insurance. To complicate this, recommended oral surgeons may or may not be “in network” depending on your insurance plan. Others still may have higher copay costs or higher prices on the procedure, which could mean more out-of-pocket costs for you. Make sure to get a cost estimate from your recommended oral surgeon, and call your insurance company to find out what your portion will be.


Depending on the procedure, you may be put under anesthesia – or at the very least, may not feel like traveling a long distance back home. For this reason, location is an important part of the selection process. Research the office location and map the distance it will take you to get there and home.

Oral Surgery Specialty

Oral surgeons are specialists just like other surgeons in their field, and may have interest or experience in certain types of conditions. For instance, one oral surgeon may have extensive experience and training in birth defects, while another specializes in dental implants; just like one orthopedic surgeon might specialize in hip surgery, while another focuses only on treating spinal disorders.

Your dentist may have recommended an oral surgeon because he or she is the best in the area for your specific condition.

Personal Relationship

You should feel comfortable with your dentist and oral surgeon. If you have a preference for a specific oral surgeon, perhaps a surgeon you’ve had surgery with previously, you may consider going back to him or her for a consultation regarding your current diagnosis. Personal relationship and trust are two factors that are intangible, but very important when it comes to health care.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery of Utah provides the highest quality care in three convenient locations in Utah. If your dentist has recommended an oral surgeon from our practice, contact us today for a free consultation.

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