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Is Oral Surgery Anesthesia Safe for Kids and Teens?

When we recommend oral surgery for a child or teen, parents often ask us about the risks associated with anesthesia. It’s the nature of parents to worry about their kids, and you’re right to want all the details before making any decisions about your child’s dental care. Learning all you can about the procedure as […]

Do Dental Implants Signal the End for Uncomfortable Dentures?

The growing popularity of dental implants may be about to put the denture industry into steep decline. While dentures have long been the traditional choice to replace multiple missing teeth, dental implants offer a number of benefits that dentures do not. According to the American Dental Association, more than 5 million implants are done each […]

Dental Implants — Are You Roo Old For Them?

Do you think you may be too old for dental implants? Think again. While it might sound surprising, age is not a major factor in determining whether a patient is a good candidate for this revolutionary restoration procedure. What matters most is that you are healthy enough to undergo dental work. Success Rates of Dental […]

Prevent TMJ with These Top Strategies

Although medical science cannot always prevent you from developing TMJ, we have some tips to help avoid this painful condition as much as possible. TMJ, the common term for temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders, is a painful — yet treatable — condition. If you suffer from TMJ, practicing these self-care strategies may help alleviate your […]

Can I Play Sports After Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Although wisdom tooth extraction may be best left until the offseason, this option isn’t always practical. Patients who play amateur or professional sports frequently ask us how soon they can return to their normal athletic activities after an extraction. Although the procedure is fairly routine in most cases, proper care and rest are essential for […]

Periodontal Disease Among Top Athletes

Are top athletes at special risk of periodontal disease and tooth decay? While you might think that being hit in the mouth by a ball or being pushed to the ground might be the greatest risk for those who play sports, certain habits prevalent among athletes can lead to the development of problems, including periodontal […]

Should Wisdom Teeth Come Out Before Braces Go On?

Should having your child’s wisdom teeth removed be an important preparatory step before they get braces? Among some dentists, the thinking is that pulling wisdom teeth before adding braces will save later trauma and remove teeth that are likely to grow in crooked, crowd out other teeth in the mouth, and ultimately will require pulling. […]

Will Sleep Apnea Appliances Cause Dental Problems?

Obstructive sleep apnea or OSA is a sleep disorder where your throat closes partly or completely, leads you to stop breathing, and interrupts your sleep, especially if you snore or choke to intake more air. Medical professionals treat the condition with a continuous positive airway pressure machine known as CPAP, or with dental appliances – […]

Dental Patients with HIV Need Frequent Care

For dental patients with HIV, obtaining regular care is crucial, yet is often neglected. Many Americans in society at large avoid checkups due to cost or because nothing is bothering them, but those with immune disorders such as AIDS or HIV are at risk for a variety of fungal, bacterial, and viral infections by neglecting […]

Implants Offer an Alternative to Dentures for Seniors

For senior dental patients, dental implants offer an exciting alternative to dentures. In the past, removable dentures were the obvious choice for those with missing teeth. Now, the image of grandma soaking her teeth in a glass by the bedside has gone the way of the age-old rocking chair, as modern seniors welcome options that […]