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Tips to Recover from Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is any procedure performed on the teeth, gums, or jaw. After surgery, there’s a recovery period that varies in length, depending on the work you had done to your mouth. It’s crucial to stick to your surgeon’s post-operative instructions to have the smoothest recovery possible. Stay tuned to learn more about oral surgery […]

How to Deal with a Dry Socket

If you’re experiencing a sharp pain following your tooth extraction procedure, you most likely have a dry socket. It’s best to visit your dentist or oral surgeon to receive confirmation. They will ask you about your symptoms and examine your mouth to see if you have a blood clot in your tooth socket.   So, what […]

What is a Tooth Infection?

Your teeth are full of nerves, which is why a toothache, although it only impacts part of your mouth, is no minor matter. Dental pain can be debilitating, and it’s usually the result of an underlying problem. You might have a tooth infection, resulting in sensitivity, soreness, and sharp pain.  Continue reading to learn more […]

What Foods Should I Eat After Oral Surgery?

After oral surgery, you may experience soreness and weakness in your jaw, making it difficult to chew. Depending on the severity of your surgery, this feeling can last from a few hours to weeks. For instance, if you’re getting multiple teeth extracted, you may be unable to eat solid foods for at least one week.  […]

What Does Laughing Gas Do?

Most dental visits are standard, meaning a dental hygienist will scrape plaque from your teeth’s surfaces and polish them to lift stains. You can also expect your dentist to take a peek under your tongue to check for signs of illness. However, not all your visits go this smoothly, and you may need to undergo […]

How to Find a Dentist Who is Supportive of Dental Phobia

Do you feel anxious at the thought of visiting your dentist? Significant dental anxiety causes people to delay their dental visits or even avoid their dentist and oral surgeon altogether, often resulting in a decline of their general health. Visiting your dentist twice a year is crucial so that your dentist can determine if you […]

How Can I Remove Tooth Decay Myself?

Cavities, also known as tooth decay, are permanently damaged areas in the surface of your teeth that develop into small openings or holes. A combination of factors, such as bacteria in your mouth, constant snacking, failing to take care of your teeth, and sipping sugary drinks can result in cavities. If left untreated, these holes […]

Can Your Mouth Reject a Dental Implant?

Getting a dental implant procedure is not an event that anyone takes lightly because it’s a serious surgery that involves a delicate part of the body. Unfortunately, this procedure can go awry if an experienced oral surgeon doesn’t conduct it. That said, when a seasoned oral surgeon takes over the surgery, most tooth implant procedures […]