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Why a Dental Phobia Can Lead to Bad Oral Health

You may have dental phobia if you experience fear, stress, or anxiety in a dental setting. If you believe you have this condition, you’re not alone. Approximately 10-20 percent of Americans avoid visiting their dentist and oral surgeon because of dental anxiety, according to WebMD.  Discover the adverse effects of dental phobia. What is Dental […]

What’s the Best Way to Protect My Gums?

When it comes to your oral health, it’s not all about having straight teeth and a bright smile; your gums need attention, too. Even if you haven’t had a cavity in years and you boast the pearliest whites in town, that doesn’t mean gum disease won’t catch up to you.  Stay tuned to learn more […]

Is it Safe to Remove All Four Wisdom Teeth at Once?

If you’re about to undergo wisdom teeth extraction, you may be worried about having all four of them removed at once. Isn’t it safer and less painful to perform the surgery throughout multiple appointments? Not necessarily.  Find out more about wisdom teeth growth and extraction. Information on Wisdom Teeth Wisdom teeth, also known as third […]

Can Stress Cause Dry Mouth?

Some of the physical symptoms of anxiety are severe irritants. Although they may not be debilitating or affect your overall health, they can be annoying and make it difficult to do basic tasks. One of these symptoms is dry mouth, which occurs when your mouth dries out due to a lack of fluids.  Discover why […]

How Does Baking Soda Get Rid of Cavities?

Baking soda is impactful on oral hygiene because it can enhance your tooth and gum health. Best of all, it can leave you with a whiter smile. People have been using this product as a tooth cleaner for over 150 years, and it was the first one to earn the American Dental Association Seal of […]

How Do I Sleep After Oral Surgery?

If you’re about to undergo oral surgery, it’s crucial to maximize your sleep after the procedure. Although you may receive sedation, you should develop a postoperative plan for rest. As with any procedure, trying to sleep can be challenging, and you shouldn’t assume your routine will go back to normal the next day. Understand why […]

What Should I Avoid After Dental Surgery?

Dental surgery is a type of procedure performed on the mouth, gums, teeth, or jaw. Oral surgery requires a recovery period to prevent complications. It’s crucial to follow your oral surgeon’s postoperative instructions as best as you can.  Keep on reading to learn about oral surgery aftercare.  The Healing Process Oral surgeons typically outline postoperative […]