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Oral Health Care Tips for Travel

Checking your oral health status might seem like an odd way to prepare for a vacation or business trip, but a professional evaluation could save you from dealing with painful tooth problems during your travels. What Causes In-Flight Tooth Pain? Any type of tooth pain can be aggravated by airplane travel, and new problems can […]

Tooth Eruption Problems in Children

Tooth eruption problems in children typically develop once kids reach the early elementary-school years and baby teeth begin to fall out. If the process proceeds correctly, the permanent teeth come in exactly where they should. Unfortunately, many kids aren’t that lucky. And, while crooked smiles can be uniquely cute, they can also create long-term dental health issues. […]

Dental Implant Surgery Helps Prevent Root Resorption

If you suffer from root resorption, dental implant surgery is likely the best solution for you. Root resorption is a condition that can mimic the appearance of a cavity while doing serious damage to your tooth. In the event our oral surgeons cannot save the tooth, they may recommend that you have dental implant surgery to prevent further bone loss. […]

Oral Health Improves with a Water Flosser

Your family’s oral health depends on daily habits like brushing and flossing. But many of our patients here at Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery of Utah tell us they hate to floss. Some patients have trouble holding and maneuvering the strands of floss between their teeth. Others complain of bleeding gums, the taste the floss leaves in their mouth or their fingers going numb […]

Fixed Dentures: Answers to Your Most Common Questions

Are fixed dentures the right solution for your missing teeth? When you think of dentures, you probably picture the removable type — those sets of fake-looking, uncomfortable teeth that easily slip out of place. But with today’s technology, you don’t have to settle for ill-fitting replacement teeth. Fixed or permanent dentures can restore your beautiful smile while […]

For Teeth-in-a-Day Implants, Jawbone Health Is a Must

Have you seen the ads for teeth-in-a-day implants? This procedure can restore your smile in just one day. Experienced oral surgeons can extract damaged teeth and place dental implants with temporary crowns during the same office visit. A month later, you return for permanent crowns, and your tooth restoration is complete. To get teeth-in-a-day implants, you […]

Implant-Supported Dentures Give Patients a New Reason to Smile

Implant-supported dentures could be the perfect solution for restoring your smile, if you’re missing an entire row (or two) of teeth. Traditional dentures have long been the go-to choice for a full set of replacement teeth. And until recently, they were the only available option. But now when it comes to dentures, many oral surgeons and dental […]

Oral Cancer Prevention: 8 Tips to Reduce Your Risk

If you aren’t practicing oral cancer prevention, now’s the time to start. When Ben Franklin said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” he could have been talking about oral and oropharyngeal cancer. The disease is treatable when caught early enough, but unfortunately, many cases aren’t discovered until the later stages when the cancer has progressed. […]

For a Facial Injury, You Might Need Oral Surgery

Whenever you suffer a facial injury, there’s a chance you could require oral surgery. If you’re involved in a car accident, get hit in the face or suffer a bad fall or some other sort of facial trauma, prompt attention from an oral surgeon is a must. Treatment will depend on the nature of your injuries, but […]

3 Reasons Dental Implants Are A Practical Investment

Did you know that dental implants are often considered the most cost-effective tooth replacement option? Many patients view dental implant surgery as an expensive convenience — not as a practical investment in the future of their oral health. But while tooth implants may come with a higher upfront cost, they are the more economical choice in the long-term. No. […]