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Tooth Eruption Problems in Children

Tooth eruption problems in children typically develop once kids reach the early elementary-school years and baby teeth begin to fall out.

If the process proceeds correctly, the permanent teeth come in exactly where they should. Unfortunately, many kids aren’t that lucky. And, while crooked smiles can be uniquely cute, they can also create long-term dental health issues.

Tooth Eruption Problems in Children

Knowing about the tooth eruption problems your children could experience can help you get a jump on early treatment. If you notice any of the following issues, schedule an appointment with an experienced oral surgeon or dental health professional.

Spacing Problems

Your child’s permanent teeth should erupt right next to each other, coming in without any noticeable gaps. If you see any large spaces—particularly between the front teeth—there may be a size or placement imbalance within the teeth and jaws.

Spacing problems can also involve too little room between the teeth. Overlapping teeth are an indication that the jaw lacks the space for proper tooth eruption.

With both of these eruption problems, early treatment can help prevent future dental health troubles.

Bite Problems

When your child’s upper front teeth come in, they should slightly overlap the bottom teeth when the mouth is closed. If they don’t, corrective jaw surgery might be necessary.

Tooth eruption bite problems, or malocclusions, occur in a few different forms. With an underbite, the lower jaw sticks out and the bottom row of teeth partially overlaps the top. An overbite is the opposite, with an upper jaw that extends over the lower teeth. And in an open bite, the molars are the only teeth to touch, which causes the mouth to stay open.

Jaw surgery is often recommended for eruption problems that result in malocclusions, as surgical treatment can improve function and enhance the facial appearance.

Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth, are stuck in the gums and cannot emerge properly. This tooth eruption problem nearly always requires treatment.

When wisdom teeth are impacted, extraction is usually the preferred solution. The third molars aren’t necessary, so oral surgeons and dental health professionals don’t typically try to save them.

Impacted canines are a different story, however. If the cuspids have eruption problems, extraction is not the answer—these teeth are crucial for a strong, healthy bite. In most cases, treatment requires visits to both an oral surgeon and an orthodontist.

Do you think your child might have tooth eruption problems? Seek out treatment as soon as possible, as delays could make their dental health issues worse.

The professionals at Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery of Utah, serving patients throughout the greater Salt Lake City area, have the skills and experience to give children of all ages beautiful, perfectly-aligned smiles. Contact our Cottonwood Heights, South Jordan or Tooele office to discuss treatment for tooth eruption problems today.

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