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Wisdom Teeth Removal – Why it Happens and What it Means

Wisdom Teeth Removal – All Your FAQs Do you need your wisdom teeth removed? We know you’re all thinking it. Why do wisdom teeth exist if we just get them removed? Hundreds of years ago, it was believed that this third set of molars could help us chew. These days, they aren’t necessary and are […]

Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Dangerous?

Wisdom teeth removal is a very common surgical procedure and it is generally considered safe. But as with any type of surgery, there is always risk. Although wisdom teeth extraction is not considered to be dangerous, complications can arise during or after the surgery. The good news is, following your dentist or surgeon’s recommendations for […]

What Are the Top Reasons for Jaw Surgery?

Jaw surgery, also known as orthognathic surgery, is a procedure that corrects irregularities in the jawbone, bite and jaw alignment. The prospect of surgery can be daunting, but in most cases having the surgery is well worth the years of well-aligned jaws, painless chewing and a visually appealing jaw line. Reasons for Jaw Surgery There […]

Can Wisdom Teeth Cause Ear Pain?

Wisdom teeth removal can be spurred by a number of situations, including discomfort and crowding—but can wisdom teeth cause ear pain? Problems with Wisdom Teeth Although some people may go their entire life without any pain related to their wisdom teeth, this is not typical. Wisdom teeth become problematic when there isn’t enough room in […]

Can Laughing Gas Make You Sleepy?

Laughing gas is a mildly sweet-smelling gas that is administered via a small mask that fits over the nose. It promotes calmness by slowing down the body’s reaction time, but can it make you feel sleepy?

Most Common Oral Surgeries for Children

Whether due to an unexpected accident or some problems with a growing mouth and teeth, the need for oral surgeries for children may arise at any time.

What Materials Make up Dental Implants?

One of the greatest advances to modern dentistry in recent years is the development of dental implants. If you have gaps in your smile from missing teeth, have an accident that knocks teeth out, or have had to have teeth pulled, these implants might be right for you. But what materials make up the implants […]

Can TMJ Go Away on its Own?

Do you suffer from jaw pain or difficulty opening and closing your mouth? Temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ, might be to blame. Many patients with TMJ ask the same question: can my TMJ go away on its own? Causes and Symptoms of TMJ Disorder The causes of TMJ are varied, and it can be difficult […]

How a Bad Dental Visit Can Affect Future Visits

Everyone is scared of something, but not all fears are equal. One bad dental visit can be all it takes to develop dentophobia, a fear of the dentist. Continue reading to learn more about this fear.  Information on Dentophobia Phobias fall under the anxiety disorder umbrella because they’re consistent and often irrational. Although it’s normal […]

Is Tooth Infection Painful?

A tooth infection often results in dental abscess due to bacteria, which enter chipped, broken, or decaying teeth.  When bacteria reach the center of your tooth and infect it, pus can accumulate, resulting in a toothache. Continue reading to learn more about abscessed teeth.  What Makes Tooth Infection Painful?  An abscessed tooth can cause mild […]