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What Happens with Untreated Sleep Apnea

Untreated sleep apnea can cause some serious health problems including high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and more. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that even when treated can have some negative side effects.  3 Types of Sleep Apnea Sleep apnea is very common, especially among overweight males over 40 years of age. In all forms […]

What Health Problems Can Result in Bad Teeth?

Routine dental exams check your teeth and mouth, but your dentist also checks for other health problems that could be contributing to bad oral health. Your oral health says a lot about what’s going on in the rest of your body, so if you have problems with your teeth it could be a sign of […]

What Types of Floss are Better for Tender Gums?

Most adults experience bleeding and sensitivity occasionally when flossing teeth. But did you know that some types of floss can be abrasive? When it comes to tender gums, choosing the right dental floss can decrease pain and lead to a healthier, happier mouth. Why Floss? Oftentimes people balk at the idea of not brushing their […]

Can I Drive After a Tooth Extraction Without Sedation?

Medical procedures come with their share of questions in order to plan ahead, and the same is true for getting a tooth extraction without sedation. Do I need to take time off of work or school? How long will the procedure take? Can I drive myself to and from the appointment? The answer to whether […]

What Are Abscessed Teeth?

If you’ve ever woken up to a swollen jaw and persistent pain, you know the calamity that is abscessed teeth. Characterized by severe achiness, sensitivity, and swelling, an abscessed tooth is not something to be taken lightly. What Are Abscessed Teeth – The Two Types A tooth abscess is a pocket of pus around the […]

Thanksgiving Dinner: The Best and Worst Thanksgiving Dishes for Your Oral Health

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, bringing with it the dishes you’ve dreamed about eating all year long. Here’s our guide to navigate the best and worst Thanksgiving dishes for your dental health.

How Does Sucking Thumbs Damage Kid’s Oral Health

Thumbsucking is a natural reflex for infants. Sucking thumbs, pacifiers and other toys brings comfort to young ones and helps calm and soothe them. For most kids, thumbsucking is occasional and not concerning. There are cases when the habit is prolonged and presents serious oral health problems. When Should Kids Stop Sucking Thumbs? For infants, […]

Can Stress Cause Dry Mouth?

Some of the physical symptoms of anxiety are severe irritants. Although they may not be debilitating or affect your overall health, they can be annoying and make it difficult to do basic tasks. One of these symptoms is dry mouth, which occurs when your mouth dries out due to a lack of fluids.  Discover why […]

How Tooth Decay Can Cause Other Health Problems

Poor oral hygiene can wreak chaos inside your mouth because it can result in tooth decay. Did you know it can also impact your overall health? Adequate oral care not only gives you a bright smile, but it also improves the rest of your body’s health. Find out more about tooth decay. What Is Tooth […]

How Chewing Gum Affects Your Jaw?

Whether you chew gum to freshen your breath or reduce stress, it can have both a positive and negative effect on your oral health. When you’re chewing gum, you’re probably not thinking about how it impacts your jaw. However, it’s worth paying attention to the effects of gum chewing so you can prevent specific oral […]