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Wisdom Teeth Removal – Why it Happens and What it Means

Wisdom Teeth Removal – All Your FAQs Do you need your wisdom teeth removed? We know you’re all thinking it. Why do wisdom teeth exist if we just get them removed? Hundreds of years ago, it was believed that this third set of molars could help us chew. These days, they aren’t necessary and are […]

What Foods Should I Avoid After Oral Surgery?

It can be painful to even open your mouth after oral surgery, let alone chow down on a tough steak. Take extreme caution when choosing what to eat.

Do All Wisdom Teeth Need Removing?

Patients often ask their dentist or oral surgeon if all four of their wisdom teeth need removing, even if they aren’t causing problems.  Even if all four of them are free of infection, or if only one of them is causing trouble, an oral surgeon may recommend removing all of them at once. Continue reading […]

Tips to Recover from Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is any procedure performed on the teeth, gums, or jaw. After surgery, there’s a recovery period that varies in length, depending on the work you had done to your mouth. It’s crucial to stick to your surgeon’s post-operative instructions to have the smoothest recovery possible. Stay tuned to learn more about oral surgery […]

What Foods Should I Eat After Oral Surgery?

After oral surgery, you may experience soreness and weakness in your jaw, making it difficult to chew. Depending on the severity of your surgery, this feeling can last from a few hours to weeks. For instance, if you’re getting multiple teeth extracted, you may be unable to eat solid foods for at least one week.  […]

Is Oral Surgery Dangerous?

Oral surgery can be an intimidating prospect for most people, particularly when it involves anesthesia. Approximately 30 percent of people have concerns about pain related to dental procedures, and worry anesthesia won’t block it out, according to Healthline. Due to this fear, some people avoid oral surgery, worsening their dental health.  Although you may not […]

How Do I Sleep After Oral Surgery?

If you’re about to undergo oral surgery, it’s crucial to maximize your sleep after the procedure. Although you may receive sedation, you should develop a postoperative plan for rest. As with any procedure, trying to sleep can be challenging, and you shouldn’t assume your routine will go back to normal the next day. Understand why […]

How To Relieve Anxiety Before Oral Surgery

Having oral surgery can be a little nerve-wracking. If you’re feeling some pre-surgery anxiety—that is normal! You can work through your stress with a few of these simple tips.  Educate Yourself—Anxiety is often caused by the unknown. Educating yourself about your procedure and what exactly it entails may help to ease your mind. Do your […]

Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

Looking to replace a missing tooth or teeth? There are plenty of options out there. When making your decision, be sure to factor in your current health, budget, and situation. Whether you’d like a permanent solution with dental implant surgery or a quick fix like partial dentures—you can repair your smile and have it looking […]

Is Oral Surgery Sedation Safe for Kids?

If your child needs oral surgery, sedation will likely be necessary. With children, sedation serves several purposes — it not only relieves pain and eases anxiety, but also tempers their behavior to enable the safe completion of a surgical procedure. But for parents, the thought of sedating a child can be downright unnerving. You’ll be […]