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Can Wisdom Teeth Cause Ear Pain?

Wisdom teeth removal can be spurred by a number of situations, including discomfort and crowding—but can wisdom teeth cause ear pain? Problems with Wisdom Teeth Although some people may go their entire life without any pain related to their wisdom teeth, this is not typical. Wisdom teeth become problematic when there isn’t enough room in […]

When Can Wisdom Teeth Grow After Age 30?

As dental professionals, one of the most common questions we hear is, “Can wisdom teeth grow after age 30?” The answer is sometimes. The third molars, also known as wisdom teeth, typically begin erupting between the ages of 17 and 20. This process can be long and painful and is usually complete before 30. Although […]

Reasons for Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth extraction is one of the most common surgeries, but have you ever wondered what are the reasons for wisdom teeth? You’ve probably seen many funny videos of loopy people coming out of anesthesia after having their wisdom teeth removed. Why do they exist just to be removed?

What Age Do You Typically Get Wisdom Teeth?

Most of us forget about the pain of losing and growing new teeth as soon as our last permanent teeth emerge in elementary school—at least until we get our wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth may sound fancy or beneficial, but they can actually spell disaster for your dental future. Smart individuals can plan and prevent disaster […]

How Do You Know If Your Wisdom Teeth Are Coming In?

Wisdom teeth are the third molars in the back of one’s mouth. Generally, they don’t have enough room to emerge or develop normally, which is known as impaction. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause sharp pain, damage to neighboring teeth, and other oral problems.  Discover more information on wisdom teeth below.  Information on Wisdom Teeth Wisdom […]

Is it Safe to Remove All Four Wisdom Teeth at Once?

If you’re about to undergo wisdom teeth extraction, you may be worried about having all four of them removed at once. Isn’t it safer and less painful to perform the surgery throughout multiple appointments? Not necessarily.  Find out more about wisdom teeth growth and extraction. Information on Wisdom Teeth Wisdom teeth, also known as third […]

Do Wisdom Teeth Always Hurt When They Come In?

From babyhood to adulthood, teeth grow in different stages: first incisors, then canines, premolars, and molars. Just when you thought you were done growing, your wisdom teeth come in at the back of your mouth. If your wisdom teeth recently came in, you may be panicking. Don’t worry; we’re here to help you with your […]

Signs Your Wisdom Teeth Need Removal

If your wisdom teeth are coming in, you may be considering extraction. Wisdom teeth removal is a surgical procedure to extract the four permanent adult teeth located at the back corners of your mouth. Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Right for Me? Wisdom teeth are supposed to help us chew meats and vegetables, but they’re not […]

What Happens If You Never Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars most people grow in their early years of adulthood. These teeth can be beneficial to your oral health when they’re correctly aligned. Unfortunately, they usually grow misaligned and require surgical removal. Learn more about wisdom teeth extraction. The Dangers of Impacted Wisdom Teeth Emerging wisdom […]

What The 24 Hours After Wisdom Teeth Removal Looks Like

Congratulations if you’ve gotten your wisdom teeth removed. You’ve undergone a surgery most Americans are scared to undertake. Now what? Postoperative care is necessary because if you don’t take care of yourself after surgery, you’ll experience pain from swelling and infection. Follow the instructions your orthodontist gave you. Here’s what the 24-hours after wisdom teeth […]