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Teeth in a Day: Is it Possible? The answer is Yes!

In the past, dental implant patients with significant bone loss—a group that includes many denture wearers—needed to undergo an additional bone graft surgery before the implants could be placed. That surgery extended the course of treatment by several months.

Teeth in a day is a new technique that allows patients the opportunity to receive a new set of replacement teeth, often in just one appointment. The patient has an initial consultation in which the oral surgeon gathers the information needed to plan the surgery.

After the consultation, the surgeon places the implants, which are then topped with the fabricated arch of replacement teeth. There’s no need for temporary dentures that shift and slide out of place as the patient heals from the bone graft.

Teeth in a day take advantage of the mouth’s remaining jaw bone, rendering the bone graft unnecessary. With teeth in a day, the oral surgeon places a series of four to five implants toward the front of the jaw, where the bone recedes more slowly than in the rear of the mouth. The two outside implants are angled underneath the gum line, which allows them to be longer (and stronger) but still fit into the available bone.

The teeth in a day procedure is based on the same technology as other implants. That is, the implants fuse with the jaw bone, becoming a permanent replacement for the root of the missing tooth. Teeth in a day are appropriate for use in either the upper or lower arch, or both.

Additionally, unlike dentures, the implants prevent further resorption of the jaw bone. Because the shape of the bone is not expected to change over time, the fit of the replacement arch of teeth should remain constant. The teeth in a day procedure are much less invasive than a bone graft, so the healing process is streamlined.

Patients can leave the oral surgeon’s office with a new set of replacement teeth and even eat a soft meal later that evening! If you have been considering dental implants to replace an entire arch of missing teeth, consider Oral and Facial Surgery of Utah:  Judd E Partridge  801-943-8703

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