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Pros and Cons of Teeth-in-a-Day

Teeth-in-a-Day is a revolutionary procedure developed by Noble Biocare and used by many oral surgery and implant specialists that can give patients beautiful new teeth within an hour. Not all patients are good candidates for the method,Teeth in a Day but those who are can see immediate results without having to wear temporary dentures or go with missing teeth.
Teeth-in-a-Day vs. Traditional Implant Procedures

The normal implant process involves several appointments after an initial consultation, as bad teeth are extracted and a post implanted that must heal over the course of several months. After healing, the dentist may use either a two-stage process of adding an abutment to the implanted screw and then adding the crown, or a one stage process of just adding the crown if the abutment has been already been added.

With Teeth-in-a-Day, the dentist offers an initial consultation and then takes an MRI of the mouth. The patient selects the implant, or permanent or removable bridge if several teeth are involved, and the dentist makes the new teeth in an onsite lab. He condenses the actual treatment by extracting the teeth and then using special software for implant placement and angulation of the jawbone. Assisted by computer software to guide implants after tooth extraction, he can add posts to replace one or more teeth and immediately insert them in the patient’s mouth without damaging the site’s cavity in the upper jaw or the nerve canal in the lower jaw.

A variation of the process called All-on-4® uses the same concept to replace all the teeth in the mouth. The name references the fact that only four implants are done to anchor the teeth and provide the patient with a permanent bridge.

Will Teeth-in-a-Day Work for You?

For the patient, the benefit of these quick procedures is that he or she walks out of the dentist with a beautiful smile, after expending less inconvenience and embarrassment to get it. Many people can immediately resume their activities and start enjoying the benefits of having teeth in place that feel more like natural teeth then dentures would. In comparison to natural teeth, single teeth-in-a-day implants provide 60% chewing ability, while a more extensive All-on-4® process can provide up to 95% chewing ability.

Will Teeth-in-a-Day work for All Patients?

As with implants in general, some people with poor or insufficient gum tissue are ruled out as candidates as they may need bone grafting first. However, the computerized process of planning and implantation ensures that the new tooth will be put in place at the proper angle for support. Other patients who smoke, have gum disease, have poor eating habits, or suffer from chronic conditions such as heart disease or diabetes are not good candidates as they can develop additional gum disease that causes the implant to fail.

When you come in for an initial consultation, your dentist will discuss the pros and cons of teeth-in-a-day versus the traditional approach to implants with you. You will find out if you are a good candidate and make a decision together with your dentist. For a no obligation teeth-in-a-day consultation, contact Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery of Utah.

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