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The Importance of Oral Surgery Consultation

Most patients understandably want to have their oral surgery done as quickly as possible. So is a separate consultation appointment really necessary? With our busy lives, that one extra appointment can be difficult to squeeze in.

Oral Surgery Consultation

Our patients often ask why they can’t simply schedule an appointment for their procedure over the phone, especially if they have been our patient for months or years.

If no other health issues are present, a simple procedure such as a routine tooth extraction may sometimes be handled during a consultation appointment. But many treatments are much more difficult, and for these, a pre-surgery consultation appointment is important.

Oral Surgery Procedures Can Be Complex

Surgeries like wisdom tooth extraction, bone grafting and dental implant placement require a carefully developed treatment plan that may involve several procedures.

Some patients also have medical problems that affect the healing process from oral surgery.

To minimize complications, certain medications, including some blood thinners and osteoporosis drugs, may need to be adjusted before surgery can take place. Patients who suffer from uncontrolled blood pressure, diabetes, COPD or with other chronic health conditions may not be candidates for same-day surgery.

Oral Surgery May Require Anesthesia

You will, no doubt, want some type of anesthesia for your procedure.

Several forms are available, including oral sedation, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and intravenous (I.V.) sedation. However, before using any of these options, the oral surgeon must consider your safety first. That requires taking the time to explore and address any potential issues.

Some anesthesia methods are not appropriate for patients with certain medical conditions, for example, and potential drug interactions can occur with some medications. So if you want anesthesia, a consultation appointment is absolutely necessary.

The Importance of Advance Scheduling for Oral Surgery

During your consultation, you will typically have X-rays taken and the surgeon will conduct an oral health evaluation. You’ll also need to provide a medical history or updates to your history if we already have you in our system.

After that is done, our oral surgeon will develop an appropriate treatment plan to address your specific issues.

Like all appointments, consultations are slotted for fixed times. Depending upon the type of oral surgery procedure you need, it’s unlikely that we would have enough time — or be prepared — to complete the procedure on the spot.

It’s important that the oral surgeon be prepared for your procedure and to schedule ample time for its completion.

Finally, the oral surgeon may request that you follow specific protocols before your procedure. For example, if you are a smoker, we advise that you stop smoking in advance of your procedure. You also may be asked to discontinue over-the-counter supplements or low-dose aspirin. And, of course, most surgical procedures require that you fast for several hours ahead of time.

Any type of surgery requires planning and preparation, and that means scheduling a pre-surgery consultation appointment. We know that’s not what many patients want to hear, but rest assured you will get your procedure done quickly and safely.

At Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery of Utah, Dr. Partridge, Dr. Maxfield and our entire team are dedicated to your safety and comfort. Contact our Salt Lake City office today to schedule your consultation for oral surgery.

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