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Perfectly Imperfect Dental Implants for a Natural-Looking Smile

Dental implants can give you a flawless smile, with uniformly shaped teeth that are perfectly symmetrical and even. The problem is that perfect, pearly-white teeth may look fake or unnatural.

Perfectly Imperfect Dental Implants Procedure For A Natural Looking Smile

Would you rather have a more organically beautiful smile?

A perfectly imperfect look is possible with implant dentistry, and this approach is growing in popularity. In fact, dental implants can make your smile more naturally attractive than Mother Nature herself.

The Growing Popularity of Imperfectly Real Dental Implants

In the past, most patients wanted a Hollywood look — the most perfect teeth possible. Celebrities are known for their dazzling smiles, and patients preferred to imitate that ideal with their implants.

These days, however, normal smiles are much more popular — no one wants teeth that resemble rows of bright white Chiclets. Today’s trend is toward a more organic look, with implants that mimic your natural teeth.

Unique, realistic smiles are the essence of cosmetic and implant dentistry. Oral surgeons frequently hear requests to model the look of celebrities with slightly flawed teeth, like Keira Knightley and Kirsten Dunst.

Creating Dental Implants for a Balanced, Natural Smile

Would you prefer to have dental implants with real-looking flaws? Thanks to advancements in imaging technology and engineering, oral surgeons can design customized replacement teeth that are beautifully imperfect.

Today’s implants can be made to look exactly like your own teeth. Color, size and placement are all painstakingly considered for each artificial tooth. Facial structure and skin tone are also taken into account, as the goal is to enhance your natural smile — not to create model examples of textbook-perfect teeth.

Your implants will be carefully crafted to provide you with a smile that’s balanced and aesthetically pleasing. Your new replacement teeth may have subtle discolorations, color gradations or textural imperfections to match the nearby teeth, for example. Or they may be placed at a very slight rotation or angle to appear more natural.

No One Will Even Know You Have Dental Implants

Dentures and bridges are often quite noticeable. And if your replacement teeth look like gleaming rows of piano keys, they can appear obviously fake.

Are you worried that your new replacement teeth will look artificial? Don’t be — your dental implants will look like they grew in place. Unless you point it out, no one will realize that your teeth aren’t all real. And besides, your implants will feel completely real. You won’t have any problems eating certain foods like you might with dentures or a bridge.

With the latest techniques in implant dentistry, you’ll have no telltale signs of dental work. The fact that you have artificial teeth can remain your little secret.

The professional team of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery of Utah has extensive experience and training in the field of implant dentistry. You can count on us to give you the naturally beautiful smile you deserve. Call one of our convenient Salt Lake City area offices today to schedule your consultation for dental implants.

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