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6 Reasons to Choose Dental Implants

Getting dental implants is a safe and effective way to replace missing teeth. And many patients prefer implant surgery to other treatment options.

Whether you lost a tooth from an accident, a failed root canal, gum disease or dental decay, these six reasons illustrate why implants may be the best choice for you.


No. 1: Restore Your Natural Smile

Unlike bridges and dentures, dental implants are visually indistinguishable from your natural teeth. You’ll be able to smile with confidence, secure in knowing that your new replacement teeth don’t look fake.

Plus, since implants are stabilized in the jaw, they won’t slip or shift when you’re talking — you’ll be able to enjoy normal conversation without worry.

No. 2: Eat Your Favorite Foods

People with bridges or dentures often must forgo eating certain foods, like raw vegetables and hard or sticky foods. Dental appliances that cover the roof of the mouth can also affect taste.

Not so with dental implants. You’ll be able to bite naturally, eating anything you like. And you’ll experience the full flavor of your favorite foods.

No. 3: Prevent Bone Loss

With missing teeth, bone loss is inevitable. The jawbone requires constant stimulation from the tooth roots to stay strong and healthy. When a tooth is lost, so is that stimulation. And, as a result, the bone begins to erode.

Dental implants put a stop to bone loss, as they are embedded into the jawbone to act as replacement tooth roots. No other tooth restoration or replacement method offers this benefit.

No. 4: Improve Your Oral Health

Did you know that bridges and partial dentures can damage your healthy teeth? Both rely on nearby teeth for support, which stresses them and leaves them more susceptible to decay.

Dental implants won’t compromise your natural teeth. So compared to other tooth replacement methods, implants offer improved long-term oral health.

No. 5: Make Daily Oral Care Convenient

Caring for bridges and dentures can be a major headache, since they require extra attention beyond routine brushing and flossing.

Implants, on the other hand, couldn’t be easier to care for — you can treat them just like your natural teeth. No special oral care is needed for these replacement teeth, and they’ll never decay.

No. 6: Enjoy a Lifetime of Healthy Smiles

With proper care, bridges and dentures can last several years. But, eventually, they must be adjusted or replaced.

Dental implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth. As long as you keep up your oral hygiene and get regular professional checkups, implants can last a lifetime.

If you are ready to learn more, contact the experienced oral surgeons at Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery of Utah. Our doctors specialize in implant surgery, and our professional treatment team can help you explore all your tooth replacement options. Schedule a consultation at one of our three convenient Salt Lake City area offices today to learn more about dental implants.

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