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Oral Surgery Abroad: The Dangers of Dental Tourism

Have you considered having oral surgery in a foreign country?

More Americans are exploring the concept of dental tourism every year, in hopes of saving money. They may have heard that traveling out of the country to have dental restorations or oral surgery can save them money on a needed procedure.

Oral Surgery Abroad The Dangers of Dental Tourism

However, what may sound like a good financial deal for oral surgery could actually cost you more than you think.

You May Not Even Be a Candidate for Oral Surgery

Before you book your trip, it’s important to find out whether you’re well-suited for the procedure in question.

For example, if you’re crossing the border or going abroad for dental implants, do you know whether you have sufficient bone density to have this procedure done? If you have low bone density, you will need to have an initial procedure several months in advance of your implant procedure.

Unless you’ve verified your ability to have this procedure, you may end up with a wasted trip.

You Can’t Be Sure the Oral Surgery Team Is Qualified

Oral and maxillofacial training requirements are different in other countries.

Some surgeons may meet the U.S. standards and hold the same qualifications, but how can you be sure? Choose dental tourism, and you’re at risk of having your procedure done by someone who really isn’t qualified to perform the surgery.

If you don’t speak the language of your destination, it can be extremely difficult to do any research on the practitioner, or even verify that they have the right training to perform a specific procedure.

You Can’t Pursue Legal Action for a Botched Oral Surgery

What if you get home after the procedure and something goes wrong?

Since you went out of country to have your procedure, you will likely have no legal recourse if you experience complications. Instead, you’ll have to pay again for local revision surgery and any other treatment you may need.

You Can’t Predict How Oral Surgery Recovery Will Go

How much time will you need to recover from your procedure? With dental tourism, you’ll have to make an educated guess when you book your travel arrangements — and you could easily be wrong.

If you don’t allocate enough recovery time, or if you suffer complications, you may have to come back home before treatment is complete. If something serious goes wrong, ask yourself if you would trust emergency treatment in your destination country.

You May Require Follow-Up Care After the Procedure

Some oral and maxillofacial surgery procedures require follow-up care, particularly when complications arise.

With dental tourism, returning to your oral surgeon is impossible unless you stay in the country or schedule a return trip.

Your Oral Surgery May Not Be Cheaper

The costs of dental tourism may look good online, but they may not reflect your actual costs.

Depending upon your procedure, you may have to pay more for anesthesia and prescription medication. And if you need follow-up care, the costs can be much higher than the original procedure. Don’t forget the airfare, lodging, food, passport fees and other travel-related costs.

Don’t risk your oral health to an unknown practitioner in an unregulated country. Instead, look for a reputable local oral surgeon who provides budget-friendly services, or will work with you to set up a payment plan. If you live in the greater Salt Lake City area, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery of Utah provides high-quality care at an affordable price. Contact our Cottonwood Heights, South Jordan or Tooele office to schedule an oral surgery consultation today.

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