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Eating After Oral Surgery: 10 Soft Foods You Can Enjoy

After oral surgery, you’ll need to stick to soft foods for at least a few days, or maybe even a few weeks if your procedure is complex.

So what are you supposed to eat if you can’t chew much? You can enjoy a wide range of nutritious and delicious soft foods after surgery to help you stay full and satisfied while you’re recovering.

Eating After Oral Surgery 10 Soft Foods

No. 1: Smoothies

Drinking smoothies is a great way to get vitamins, minerals and protein after oral surgery. Don’t use a straw, though, or you could disrupt the healing process and develop a painful condition known as dry socket.

No. 2: Scrambled Eggs

Eggs are nutritional powerhouses, and scrambling makes them easy to eat. For a flavor boost, try adding herbs, cheese or salsa.

No. 3: Cooked Cereal

Hot cereals like oatmeal, grits and cream of wheat are soft foods that are easy to doctor to your tastes, and plenty of mix-ins don’t require chewing. Make sure to check with your oral surgeon before you have hot foods, however.

No. 4: Soup

Go down the soup aisle at your local grocery store, and you’ll find plenty of nutritious soft-food options. And who doesn’t like the comfort of a warm, tasty bowl of soup?

No. 5: Mashed Veggies

Potatoes, cauliflower, butternut squash and carrots are among the many veggies that can be mashed — and all are ideal post-surgery foods.

No. 6: Chicken Salad

If you’re craving protein after your oral surgery, toss some precooked chicken breast, mayo or dressing and seasonings into the food processer, and blend up a salad to spread on soft bread.

No. 7: Fish

Moist, tender baked whitefish doesn’t require much chewing, and neither do canned tuna and salmon. Any of these can make for a satisfying meal after oral surgery.

No. 8: Pasta

Well-cooked pasta is easy to eat, and the options for canned, jarred and homemade sauces are nearly endless. Switch up the sauce, and you’ve got a totally different taste!

No. 9: Frozen Desserts

Do you have a sweet tooth? Though you’ll need to limit sugary foods during your oral surgery recovery, you can occasionally enjoy ice cream, frozen yogurt or sherbet.

No. 10: Baked Goods

For a touch of something sweet, you can also enjoy soft baked goods. Tender cakes and moist muffins melt in the mouth, or try a fudge brownie or some baked flan.

Eating soft foods — and avoiding crunchy, chewy and acidic foods that could irritate the gums — is key to an easy oral surgery recovery. However, caring for yourself and your mouth properly is just as essential.

If Dr. Partridge or Dr. Maxfield at Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery of Utah is performing your procedure, we will provide you with specific aftercare instructions. We will also make sure you understand everything about your oral surgery recovery ahead of time.

At Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery of Utah, our professional treatment team is committed to providing every patient with a positive surgical experience. For more information or to schedule your oral surgery consultation, contact our Cottonwood Heights, South Jordan or Tooele office today.


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