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5 Fascinating Wisdom Teeth Removal Facts

Wisdom tooth removal is a routine procedure for oral surgeons. Here at Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery of Utah, we perform third-molar extractions most every day.

For our patients, however, visiting us is hardly routine, and for many, the thought of getting a tooth pulled can trigger a serious case of nerves. If you’re anxious about your upcoming procedure, learning some facts about wisdom tooth removal may help you feel more at ease.

5 Fascinating Wisdom Teeth Removal Facts

Fact 1: Wisdom Tooth Removal Can Prevent Problems

The third molars can become impacted, and they often grow in at an angle, causing damage and overcrowding problems. And because the wisdom tooth area is difficult to keep clean, gum disease can easily take hold.

Removal can prevent these and other oral health problems.

Fact 2: Wisdom Teeth Problems Don’t Always Cause Symptoms

Problematic wisdom teeth often create pain and inflammation, and infection is a common occurrence. But this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, patients who need third-molar extraction don’t have any symptoms at all.

Fact 3: Wisdom Tooth Removal Is Best Performed Early

Oral surgeons typically recommend removing the third molars early on, before the roots have fully developed. The risk of complications is lower at this time and recovery is faster and easier. For the least troublesome experience, everyone should be evaluated for extraction in their early teens.

Fact 4: Sedation Makes Wisdom Tooth Removal Comfortable

Many patients believe that tooth extraction will be uncomfortable, if not downright painful. The good news is that the procedure itself is painless. A local anesthetic, combined with oral sedation, laughing gas or IV sedation, makes for a comfortable experience.

Fact 5: It Only Takes a Few Days to Recover After Wisdom Tooth Removal

After wisdom tooth removal, soreness and swelling typically only last for three to five days. Ice packs and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can provide relief, but patients also need to take it easy, as strenuous activity within the first 48 hours after tooth extraction increases the chance of complications. Oral surgeons advise scheduling your procedure at a time when you can take a few days to rest and recuperate.

Do you have questions or concerns about wisdom tooth removal? The friendly team of professionals at Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery of Utah is happy to answer your questions. We’re committed to compassionate care, and we’ll do whatever we can to give you a positive tooth extraction experience.

Our board-certified oral surgeons, Dr. Partridge and Dr. Maxfield, specialize in wisdom tooth management and have over 10 years of experience serving patients in the greater Salt Lake City area. For expert care from the Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery of Utah team, contact our Cottonwood Heights, South Jordan or Tooele office and schedule a wisdom tooth removal consultation today.


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