Is a Friend Having Oral Surgery? 6 Practical Ways You Can Help

For some people, recovering from oral surgery is easy. Others, however, could use a bit of help.

If a friend or loved one has an upcoming surgical procedure, you may want to provide the care and assistance they need. But wanting to help and knowing what to do are two different things. For practical ways to support someone who’s getting oral surgery, read on.

friend having oral surgery

No. 1: Provide Transportation

Most oral surgery procedures call for anesthesia, and driving home after getting anesthesia isn’t safe. Many surgeons won’t even perform a procedure for a patient who doesn’t have a ride back home. Providing transportation is one of the most practical ways you can help.

No. 2: Help with Medication

After surgery, many patients need pain medication. Some also require antibiotics to prevent infection. Reminding your friend or loved one when to take their medicine can be a big help, as it ensures they don’t sleep through or accidentally skip dosing time.

No. 3: Take Care of Snacks and Meals

During the oral surgery recovery period, patients need to stick to liquids and soft foods, so they could probably use some help preparing their meals and snacks. If cooking isn’t your forte, buy prepared foods or ask friends or relatives to assist.

No. 4: Look After Kids and Pets

Taking care of children and pets can seem extra difficult for someone recovering from oral surgery. Babysitting and driving kids to practices and events can be enormously helpful, as can providing their pets with what they need.

No. 5: Clean the House

No one feels like cleaning after surgery, yet many people don’t want to let their homes go for too long without attention. Keeping things picked up and put away, washing dishes and doing some light dusting and vacuuming is sure to be appreciated.

No. 6: Do the Laundry

Likewise, making sure that the family has clean clothes, towels and bedding is a great way to help. Oral surgeons advise against bending and lifting during the recovery period, so your friend or loved one will need someone to step up and handle the chore.


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friend having oral surgery