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Which Foods To Avoid After Wisdom Teeth Removal

After having a wisdom teeth removal procedure you will need to take a few days to recover. During that time, there are lots of foods you’ll need to avoid. But there are also many foods that you can enjoy!

For the most part, you will want to stick with soft foods. Your mouth will be sore, and chewing will be uncomfortable. It may even be difficult to move your jaw. You may also be more sensitive to hot and cold foods.

Which Foods You Should Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Because you’ll have some open wounds in your mouth, while they heal you should stick with soft, easy to eat foods. These foods include blended, smooth soups. Soups with chunks may be difficult. Soup can also help to keep you hydrated, which is very important while you’re healing. Broths are another good option. Though they may not be the most exciting food, broths are hydrating, nourishing, and easy to eat. Greek yogurt is also a good choice. With high-protein and a smooth texture, Greek yogurt is great for recovery. There are also a large number of vitamins and minerals that can aid in recovery. If you want something a little more hardy, mashed potatoes are a great option. This comfort food is easy to eat and high in carbs, giving you a little extra energy. Scrambled eggs can be another great source of protein and vitamins. Plus, they require very little chewing. If you want to get some fruits in the mix, try apple sauce, mashed bananas, or a smoothie. If you do go with a smoothie, be wary of using a straw, as it can remove your stitches after surgery.  

Which Foods You Should Avoid After Wisdom Teeth Removal 

While there are many foods you can eat after wisdom tooth removal, there are also many that you should avoid to ensure a speedy recovery. Anything that is difficult to chew will be very painful. Things like nuts, chips, jerky, gum, and popcorn should all be avoided. These foods can reopen stitches, delay healing, and cause pain. Grains are another food that should be avoided. Things like rice and quinoa can easily get stuff in the extraction site—which can be painful and lead to infection.  Acidic and spicy foods should also be avoided. These foods will be very painful and will likely cause irritation at the extraction site. You should also avoid alcoholic beverages for a while. Alcohol can irritate the extraction site, cause pain, and interact negatively with pain medication. After wisdom teeth removal, you’ll likely be prescribed some medication to manage the pain. Be sure that you aren’t doing anything to contradict or negatively interacts with this medication—that include alcohol consumption.

If you have any questions concerning wisdom teeth removal or healing from wisdom teeth removal, contact us at Oral and Facial Surgery of Utah. Our expert surgeons work hard to make your wisdom tooth removal as painless as possible and your recovery as quick as can be. 



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