Life After Dental Implants

Your teeth are one of the first traits a person notices about you, and if yours are damaged, or you have missing tooth gaps, you may feel less than confident about your smile. Dental implants can help you treat these issues and restore your self-esteem.

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Dental Implants Are Like Real Teeth

Dental implants are metal posts that are surgically implanted into your jaw underneath your gums. Your surgeon will attach replacement teeth onto them for a better smile. Although they’re artificial, they’re the option closest to real teeth. 

The surgeon will fuse them to your jawbone to offer more stable support, so you don’t have to worry about your replacement teeth slipping out of your mouth each time you open it. You will be able to eat, drink, and speak without a hassle. Unlike dentures, implants are customizable, so your surgeon will select replacement teeth that blend perfectly with your real teeth. 

Dental Implants Are a Long-Term Solution

Decades ago, dentures and bridges were the go-to options for teeth replacement; however, they’re now considered dated and unreliable. Both of these options can loosen due to excessive mouth movements, and it’s a painful and embarrassing experience. Dentures need to be repositioned multiple times a day, and bridges only last about five years. 

Dental implants need occasional readjustments, but they’re meant to last a lifetime. Compared to other teeth replacement options, they’re a more durable, cost-effective solution.

Dental Implants Are Comfortable

Dentures and bridges are uncomfortable for most people because they weren’t designed with durability in mind. Additionally, many people don’t qualify for either of these options due to previous issues such as mouth sores, uneven ridges, or excessive gagging. In years past, these people didn’t have any other options, and they had to learn to live with their oral conditions. 

Another negative aspect of bridges is that they require the presence of other teeth on each side to fill the space of missing teeth. In contrast, dental implants don’t require any neighboring teeth to be fused into your jawbone. All you need to worry about is maintaining proper oral hygiene and taking care of your gums for implants to be successful

Dental Implants Protect Your Oral Health

Dental implants safeguard your oral health. For example, if you have gaps in your teeth, you are susceptible to bone loss and degeneration because you don’t have the full support of your teeth; implants can offer the help you need. Not only do they improve your oral health, but they also preserve it by encouraging natural bone growth. 

Dental Implants Will Make You Smile

Imagine being able to live your life again without worrying about your teeth? Implants will provide you with a healthy, natural look without distorting your face shape. No one will be able to tell the difference between the implants and your real teeth. 

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Life After Dental Implants