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How Long After Tooth Extraction Can I Eat on that Side?

Before you undergo a tooth extraction procedure, such as wisdom teeth removal, it’s crucial to discuss the procedure at length with your oral surgeon. Although researching before surgery is beneficial, you don’t have to worry about becoming an expert. Your surgeon will provide you with in-depth aftercare instructions for your tooth extraction recovery. 

Learn more about postoperative care in today’s blog. 

After Surgery, When Can I Eat Again?

Approximately an hour after surgery, you may remove the gauze sponges your surgeon placed in your mouth so that you’re able to eat. Stick to soft foods the first 24 hours after surgery and avoid all hot or cold ones. Although this may sound counterintuitive, avoid drinking from a straw until you fully heal because the suction can dislodge the blood clot and prolong your healing time. 

Continue reading to find out what foods you should and shouldn’t eat after your procedure.

How to Eat Your Food

Once you’re ready to eat again, your approach will be just as important as the foods you eat. We recommend you strictly chew on the side of your mouth opposite from the treated area. Although it’s harder to eat this way, you don’t want to lengthen your healing time by chewing when you’re not ready to do so. 

Take small bites with your untreated side. Cut your food into small pieces when possible. 

What Should I Eat After Surgery?

Not only should the foods you eat after surgery be soft and comfortable to chew, but they should also contain minerals, vitamins, and protein to assist wound healing. We recommend you eat the following:

Blended soups: Blended soups, such as pumpkin or tomato soup, are the perfect staple foods after surgery. You will be able to meet your daily nutrition quota during a time where you can’t eat most fruits and vegetables. 

Greek yogurt: Do you have a sweet tooth? Greek yogurt is a healthy and high protein treat you can enjoy after surgery. Its smooth, creamy texture can be soothing, which can help numb the pain. 

Mashed potatoes: If you’re looking for comfort food after surgery, you can’t go wrong with mashed potatoes. This classic dish is packed with calories and nutrients, which are essential for recovery. Remember, you need to avoid hot foods, so make sure your mashed potatoes are lukewarm. 

What Foods Should I Avoid After Surgery?

For the week after surgery, you should avoid eating hard, chewy, crunchy foods, such as chips, nuts, and popcorn. You will also find it difficult to chew through cuts of meat. Additionally, you should avoid drinking alcoholic beverages for at least 24 hours after surgery. If you’re taking potent pain medications, avoid drinking alcohol until you no longer need medication. 

Oral & Facial Surgery of Utah Can Help

Have you scheduled your tooth extraction surgery yet? The board-certified oral surgeons at Oral & Facial Surgery of Utah specialize in tooth extraction, dental insertion procedures, and several others. We strive to provide our patients with the highest quality care at an affordable price. 

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