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Why an Oral Surgeon Knows Best When It Comes to Wisdom Tooth Extraction

If you need to get a wisdom tooth removed you have a few options when it comes to who can perform it. Typically you will have a dentist or an oral surgeon remove the teeth. However, when it comes to wisdom tooth extraction, an oral surgeon knows best. Here are just a few of the reasons:oralsurgeonknowsbest (1)

While a general dentist can perform all procedures offered in the field of dentistry, including wisdom tooth removal, an oral surgeon specializes in tooth extraction, including wisdom teeth. In other words, they are the most qualified because they receive formal training in a residency hospital-based program after dental school.

They are better equipped to perform tooth removals because they are required to complete an additional program, typically 4-6 years of residency, in order to master tooth removal and sedation. The additional training they receive includes hospital based surgery and medical training focusing on the mouth, face and jaws.

You would want to use an oral surgeon for the same reason you wouldn’t want your family practitioner doing surgery on you. Just because a dentist knows how, and has had some experience, doesn’t make them as qualified as an oral surgeon to do the job.

2. Wisdom teeth are some of the most difficult teeth to remove.

Due to many problems often associated with wisdom teeth, such as those caused when the teeth are impacted, extraction can easily turn into a complicated procedure. Wisdom teeth are some of the most difficult to be removed because they are often impacted, and are further back in the mouth. That is why it is important to have someone that specializes in removing teeth, particularly wisdom teeth, to perform your procedure. An oral surgeon can make wisdom teeth extraction much less painful.

3. Oral surgeons are trained to handle complications.

Another reason why an oral surgeon knows best is that there can be pain and complications from wisdom tooth removal, and oral surgeons are formally trained to manage complications that arise from extraction of teeth, whether that is infection, sinus issues, bleeding, or nerve injury. Oral surgeons have the experience and expertise that you need to feel comfortable with the wisdom tooth removal surgery.

Choose a dentist for cleanings, fillings, and examinations, but for tooth extraction, especially that of wisdom teeth, an oral surgeon knows best. Call the office of Dr. Partridge at (801) 943-8703 today to schedule a free consultation.

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