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How Teeth In a Day Can Make Your Life Better

Patients are often hesitant to start restoring their teeth because of the lengthy process. We understand the anticipation, anxiety, and frustrations that come along with dental restoration, which is why we offer Teeth-in-a-Day™.

What used to take multiple visits over the course of several weeks, now takes just one day with Teeth-in-a-Day™.screen_shot_2013-09-05_at_2.10.44_pm

Teeth-in-a-Day™ is a revolutionary concept providing patients with fully functioning, non-removable teeth, on as few as 4 dental implants, in one hour-long procedure.

What does this mean for you, the patient? It means you wont have to find more time in your busy schedule to make multiple appointments.  There is only one procedure to get nervous about and heal from, getting you back to your regular routine much faster. Most patients are able to resume their normal activities the very next day.

Even those who have been told they lack sufficient bone mass can still be candidates for the procedure! By taking advantage of the dense bone in the front part of the jaw and with strategic placing of the implants, this procedure has virtually eliminated the need for costly and time-consuming bone grafting.

If you are tired of dealing with personal shame and self-consciousness brought on by malfunctioning partial plates or ill-fitting dentures, call us for a free consultation. The slipping of plates while talking or smiling, messy adhesives, bad breath, and having to remove your teeth at night, are all annoyances which can be completely eliminated with Teeth-in-a-Day™.

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