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Oral and Facial Surgery of Utah now has a Cone Beam CT Scanner!

We are so excited to announce the arrival of our new in-office Cone Beam CT Scanner!

Our new scanner, the Carestream Kodak CS 9300, will allow us to see a much more detailed image of the patient’s jaw and teeth faster than ever before. This means less waiting for the patient, and more detailed x-rays for us!

Also, the new scanner allows us to focus on specific areas of the patient’s mouth, limiting the amount of radiation the patient is exposed to.

This noninvasive scan takes less than a couple minutes. During the scan, the patient bites on a small plastic piece while the machine rotates around the patient’s head taking hundreds of images simultaneously. These images are then compiled to form a three-dimensional, color picture, which can be manipulated and examined to determine a more accurate treatment plan for the patient.

The new Cone Beam CT Scanner will allow us to better serve our patients!

conebeam faceimage 3djaw

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