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Thoughtful Ways to Talk About Dental Implants With Your Aging Parents

There comes a time when talking about dental implants or dentures with your parents is imperative. It can be a sensitive subject and one that many parents may have a hard time discussing. Here are a few thoughtful ways to approach the subject in a non-threatening, reassuring manner.

First off, it is important that you educate yourself as to what treatment options are available. The more you know, and the more confident you are, the more your parents will trust that you have their best interests at heart.

Include your parents in the decision making process. Schedule a free consultation with our office and bring your parent for the visit. At this appointment, we will discuss their options for dental implants and talk about the benefits of them over traditional denture plates. Many people don’t realize there are other options besides extracting all the teeth and replacing them with dentures. Dentures should actually be considered a last resort.

Try to pinpoint the specific worries your parent has about dentures and implants. Here is a list of possible worries:

  • They may worry that dentures are their only option
  • They may be anxious about the actual procedure
  • They may worry about the feel, smell, slippage, adhesives, discomfort, embarrassment, taste, etc.
  • They may worry about the financial implications for receiving dental implants

Once you have found the source of their apprehension, helping them to see the benefits of a new treatment plan can be much easier.  We understand the fears people face when considering dental implant surgery. We want our patients to know we are only here to help them to receive the best care possible.

Dental implants can be a fantastic option for elderly people. While they aren’t as strong as healthy natural teeth, they are a far better option than dentures. They provide the most comfort and the most natural feel of any false teeth alternative. Most elderly people have enough bone mass and density to support dental implants and there are many treatment options, like Same-Day-Teeth, or Teeth-in-a-Day, which allow a full set of teeth to be attached on as few as two implants in as little as one hour.


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