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Dental Implant Surgery — Questions to Ask Your Oral Surgeon

Has your dentist recommended dental implant surgery as a way to replace your missing
teeth? If so, you may be in search of a good oral surgeon.

Dental Implant Surgery Questions

Even if you have been referred to a specific surgeon for the procedure, take a few
moments to get acquainted with him or her, and to make sure that your surgeon is
qualified to meet your oral health care needs.

Take a look at the questions below to help you make an informed choice for your dental
implant procedure.

What Is Your Education and Training in Dental Implant Surgery?

Some general dentists are capable of providing dental implants. However, many have
not completed rigorous training in implant surgery, and instead rely on weekend
courses, seminars and self-education.

If so, this can increase the risk of complications and implant failures.

Be sure that whoever performs your implant procedure has the proper education and
training. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons complete four to six years of surgical training
after dental school.

During their hospital-based residency programs, OM surgeons undergo specialized
training in the placement of implants as well as other related oral surgical procedures.
Ask your oral surgeon when he or she last received training as well, because
technology is constantly changing.

What Is Your Experience in Dental Implant Surgery?

Proper education and recent training are key, but experience is just as essential.

Dental implants can be complicated, and each procedure is unique. Even though a
surgeon may be fully capable, you may wish to avoid one who has completed only a
few implant procedures.

What about your oral surgeon’s success rate with dental implants?

You can certainly ask about this, but due to privacy laws and the various factors
involved with each patient, it may not be a realistic question. It may be better to ask
generally about your surgeon’s implant successes in patients with similar dental health

Why Do You Recommend Dental Implants?

With tooth restorations, no single treatment method is right for every patient.

Implant procedures are safe and effective for most people, but may not be the best
option for others. Be wary of any oral and maxillofacial surgeon who only performs
dental implants. Look for a surgeon who offers a variety of tooth restoration methods.
This is the best way to ensure that your treatment is tailored to your specific oral health

Finally, ask your oral surgeon how dental implants can work to restore your missing
teeth. Make sure that any risk factors you may have — such as gum disease, bone loss
or a chronic health condition like diabetes or leukemia — have been taken into
consideration in developing your treatment plan.

In the Salt Lake City area, the experienced surgeons of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery of
Utah offer a full range of services designed to meet your specific treatment needs. With
extensive surgical training and years of experience, you can count on us to provide the
highest level of care for you and your family.

Contact our office today to learn more, and to determine if dental implants are right for

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