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5 Worst Foods For Your Breath

No one wants to be that person—foul smelling breath is a social faux pas. Even if you practice great dental hygiene, bad breath can still sneak in. There are a few foods out there that will leave your breath smelling…less than desirable. If you’re going to be in close courters with someone, avoid these foods. Or take measures to rid your breath of the lingering smells. Whether you’re going on a big date or just heading to work, don’t be the person no one wants to stand next to.

1. Garlic and Onions

No surprise here, garlic and onion made the top of the list. These pungent smelling foods are delicious, no denying that. Their strong taste is difficult to wash away, it can linger in your mouth all day. Onions contain amino acid allin—when cut this acid turns into propenyl acid—the chemical responsible for the eye-watering effects of cutting onions. It’s also the chemical responsible for the strong smell.

Garlic is a double threat as it impacts multiple parts of your body. When the body digests garlic, it absorbs allyl methyl sulfide into your bloodstream. This is then transferred into the lungs, making it difficult to get rid of garlic breath. As it is digested, garlic also releases gas through your skin. The garlic smell can actually come out through your skin! It’s a difficult one to get rid of.

2. Caffeinated Drinks and Alcohol

Beverages that contain alcohol or high amounts of caffeine can cause dry mouth. When the mouth is dry, bacteria can thrive. Saliva production is one of the best ways to combat bad breath. Bacteria and other bad breath inducing elements can easily be washed away with water and saliva. If you don’t want to cut back on the drinks, be sure to follow up your dry mouth inducing beverage with some water. Dehydration leads to smelly breath, so keep the water flowing and keep your breath smelling good.

3. Spicy Foods

Curry does have some antibacterial qualities that can be good for you, but the smell is strong. Curry is made with strong spices that can linger in your mouth for hours. If you’re indulging in some curry, be sure to wash it down with some water and follow up with a good brushing. Maybe throw a mint in there for good measure.

4. Chewy or Starchy Foods

Chewy and starchy foods may not smell badly going in, but they can easily get caught in your teeth. These foods easily get stuck between teeth or in grooves and lead to decay and bacteria growth—which usually means smelly breath. Be sure to brush and floss after you eat chewy and starchy foods to avoid tooth decay and bad breath.

5. Tuna and Other Fish

Another well-known culprit of bad breath—tuna and other fish. Seafood may be a delicious indulgence, but it can leave your breath smelling fishy. The fishy smell is caused by trimethylamine. When you splash your seafood with something acidic like vinegar or lemon juice, it can also reduce its odor. 



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