Is it Safe to Remove All Four Wisdom Teeth at Once?

If you’re about to undergo wisdom teeth extraction, you may be worried about having all four of them removed at once. Isn’t it safer and less painful to perform the surgery throughout multiple appointments? Not necessarily. 

Find out more about wisdom teeth growth and extraction.

Information on Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, typically grow in the back of a person’s mouth during their teenage years. In ancient civilizations, people believed these teeth filled the gaps of secondary teeth that had fallen out due to poor hygiene. Present-day, we have improved sanitation, and most people retain their secondary teeth through early adulthood, leaving no space for third molars to grow. 

Rather than filling gaps, third molars typically come with a host of complications. Continue reading to learn more about the problems they can cause.

Wisdom Teeth Come with Complications

Some lucky people don’t grow third molars at all, but the average person will grow one to four wisdom teeth—sometimes more. For some, third molars will have plenty of room to sprout, and they will face zero complications. However, these teeth typically erupt and crowd existing teeth, which can cause occlusal problems. Dental occlusal can change the way your teeth meet when your jaws bite together. 

Worst of all, third molars may become impacted, so they might grow at an angle and only break part way through your gum line. Impaction can result in pain, infection, and other severe damage to neighboring teeth. An oral surgeon may recommend you undergo extraction depending on the size, shape, location, and projected path of your third molars. 

Should I Get All of Mine Extracted at Once?

Most oral surgeons prefer extracting all of a person’s wisdom teeth at once. If the removal only involves four small, erupted teeth, then the surgery will be low-risk and straightforward. On the other hand, if yours are large and impacted, you may require a more extensive procedure. If this is your situation, your oral surgeon might have to slice your gums open, file your wisdom teeth down, and remove them piece by piece. Although an extensive procedure is also safe, it can be more painful, longer, and require extra recovery time. 

If you need general anesthesia, your oral surgeon will want to extract all your wisdom teeth at once. Most patients also prefer to get it over with, rather than going through multiple surgeries. Getting all your wisdom teeth removed on the same day reduces recovery time, and cuts down on the risk of developing dry socket and infections. That said, it’s possible to split the procedure into two or three appointments; however, you should listen to your surgeon’s recommendation. 

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